Test/review of Shockli IMR26650 5500mAh (Black) 2017

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Junkwhale wrote:
And the other one also looks good:


yaa,,they certainly seem to be another PLB-55A re wrap,,,,,,,,,,good batteries. I have Two on the way for my U21vn and my FT03 [Astrolux].The dealer told me they are a replacement for the Vapcell 26650 5900mah PURPLE and the EXACT same cell.,,just as I suspected!

Same OEM PLB-55A Cell as the Shockli and Orbtronic cells.

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Does anyone know if the Shockli or Vapcell IMR 26650 5500mAh will fit a Lumintop ODL20C?


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I wonder who makes the manker 5000 mah 26650, kinda highway robbery at 25 bucks for one

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EasyB wrote:
…The shockli 5500mAh cell is most likely the power long battery brand INR26650-55A. http://www.powerlongbattery.com/battery-cells/li-ion-battery-for-electri...

According to some comments I read here in another thread, PLB has discontinued the manufacture of the INR26650-55A cell.


…I contacted PLB and got some samples of PLB 5000mAh 26650(the 5500mAh was discontinued)…

…I was told the sales of 5500mAh is not good, the last inventory runned out in Oct.

PLB’s 26650 batteries are for battery powered cars or for factory. Even if flasholics like 5500mAh HD 26650 very much. The sales is not big for PLB. That’s what I am guessing.

The guy contacted me after I emailed PLB official email address, so I think it’s factory direct. Maybe some dealers have inventory.

Anybody help confirm this “discontinued 550mAh HD 26650 from PLB”?…

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If no one confirm this, then this must be one of the sales tactic used to induce more people to buy more…plus its 11.11 sales event. Who know, I’m just blind guessing here haha Evil

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I can confirm that PLB has discontinued producing the PLB55-A cell. Sofirn recently asked PLB for this cell after I recommended them to source these for their 26650 flashlights. PLB's sales team told them exactly the same message as stated above. They were only offered to buy the 5.000mAh cell but so far I could not find any testing results from Mooch or HKJ yet. Anyone got some more information on the 5.000mAh version?

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OMG, can’t believe the best 26650 cell is discontinued. That makes 26650 lights a lot less interesting going forward.

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All this seems to me not just a game, but a purchase agreement with wholesalers such as Shockli. I’m just sure that these resellers, who are not engaged in production, but simply by changing their thermal clothing into elements with their own logos, have done such a dirty deed by a certain conspiracy. Such a move gives them the way to rob us, setting the price for the same product twice or even three times more expensive. If you want to know the true truth from any of them, then this will be impossible. The maximum that they can answer you, despite your eyes, is “sorry, brother, this is pure business and nothing personal”.
It’s our fault that we fanned the ads for this product, and therefore received the usual response from the business, which has only one goal – to rob the client as much as possible. Sad

And how about finding out here, is it possible to place orders of “5500” from this seller? https://www.globalsources.com/gsol/I/Lithium-ion-battery/p/sm/1168680972...