Review: Manker E02 (AAA, L shaped, XP-G3 200+ Lumens)

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I have tried to lockout my light and remove the battery for awhile. The light remembers that it was locked out, even with the battery out. I suspect there is data stored in memory that stays even when the battery is removed. It sounds like that is not your problem though. I know others have had good success getting replacements from Manker, you might try that route.

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What's the cheapest you can get this light and where?

Have light will flash :)

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Hello guys.
It would be a special edition for the BLF members  



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I was in the same situation and contacted Manker in December 2017. Jason replied that they do not sell the headband separately.

Also be aware that the head comes glued to the body. I wanted to buy one without the glue, but all stock they had then were glued.

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borealis wrote:

Also be aware that the head comes glued to the body. I wanted to buy one without the glue, but all stock they had then were glued.

A white spirit/gasoline bath will dissolve any glue. The process may require some hours (or maybe a couple days) at ambient temperature, check to see if done every once in a while. Keep as much of the head above spirit level as possible, you just want to dissolve the glue in the head-body threads, isn't it?  You'll need a new o-ring there after this. 

As a general rule gasoline/white spirit dissolves plastics, though it may take days at room temp for this to be noticeable.


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