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CRX wrote:
Corrected values welcome too..

Die area in mm^2:
XP-E2 Torch: 0.85 (basically the same as the normal XP-E2)
XHP-50: ?
XHP-50.2: 4× 2.06
XHP-70: ?
XHP-70.2: 4× 5.581 / 4× 3.55 (de-domed XP-L2, entire glowing surface or just the blue die underneath)

Koef3 didn’t dedome all of these LEDs. He only states the values with dome in some of his threads.

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Osram oslon red SSL80 (the “SSL80” is part of the name, not binning info, they make other types of 3.1mmx3.1mm red emitters too so its important to include it in the name)

Package size 3.1×3.1mm
Diag. Max 4.38mm
Total height 2.35mm
Substrate 0.68mm
Dome Ø 2.15mm

If that’s not enough info for you to bother adding it to the chart I understand.

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Bumping an old thread that deserves it IMO. Really should be a sticky

I’d love to see it continue to grow. Maybe turning it into a google doc could help?

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Imo, you might need to remove the phosphors and expose the blue die underneath for accurate measurement.


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Does anyone know the die size of Samsung LH351C?

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Hey CRX, I think this is a great post you made. And I also think many would appritiate if you updated it with the 4 new Olson Flats and the sbt90.2 aswell. If you want me to look up the info to help, just let me know.

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