Very cool mini angle light - Manker E02 AAA/XP-G3

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Very cool mini angle light - Manker E02 AAA/XP-G3

Manker E02

Declaration & Thanks:
This light was provided by Manker for the purpose of this review

Conclusion Summary:
Lovely mini angle light, with a nice UI and a good beam. Highly useful design.

Info about my reviews and testing:
I like to keep my reviews fairly informal and not overly technical. There are plenty of talented people with fancy measuring devices to offer more technical detail. What I want to do is give an honest appraisal of owning and using this torch, and what a regular punter will make of it.

What’s in the box?
You get the ligh, pocket clip, lanyard and spare O-rings.

Exterior Design & Ergonomics:
Fit, finish and feel of the light is good. Anodising is nice, and threads are well cut and lubed from the factory. Very minor blemish where magnet has been press fitted.

The angle head is low profile and makes for a nice grip on the light. There is a good deep carry pocket clip, which can be fitted in both orientations.

The soft press of the electronic switch is good and the tailcap offers a physical lockout.

There is a magnet in the base of the light, this is ideal for placing the light on a vehicle and supports the lights weight without issue.

See the YouTube video for more on the light.

Wth 3 main output modes and a nice to use UI, this is a pleasingly nice light to use. The Turbo output is impressive for a AAA light too. The beam profile is ideal for map reading or close up work. But the turbo mode makes it useful outside as well, something that can’t be said for many AAA light.

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Nice review.

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Nice review. It is a nice light also. To bad mine stopped working after one minor drop and it’s a real b**** to repair this light.

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Neat little light.
I would buy some, but I don not like LONG HOLD FOR OFF.

I only buy ONE PRESS for OFF.

Sorry, maybe just a pet peeve of mine Flat Stare