YouWantLED vs. VFMaddict: Cease and Desist

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YouWantLED vs. VFMaddict: Cease and Desist

Hi everyone,

Sorry I have been extremely busy this week and have not been at my computer to promptly intervene in the skirmish between YouWantLED and VFMaddict. Because of the escalating tempers, I chose to quickly un-publish but not delete the 3xT6 sales thread before leaving for the day. And now a new thread about the same topic was producing the same futile conflict, and it too has also been un-published but not deleted. I am intervening now as a neutral moderator. I do not have any vested interest in YouWantLED or his business. But I do have to step in now to avoid chaos here on BLF.

In short: VFMaddict has found publicly available information on the internet that to him suggests that YouWantLED is not a credible seller. I as moderator of BLF do not support or refute these claims. Every buyer should carefully research the background and current status of any seller before making any purchases.

So, to end this futile skirmish, I request that everyone involved please carefully follow these instructions:

  1. VFMaddict: Please drop the subject, both publicly on BLF and via our private message system. Potential customers of YouWantLED can and should do their own research before dealing with him if they choose to do so.
  2. YouWantLED: Please drop the subject, both publicly on BLF and via our private message system. Please complete existing transactions with BLF members via the 1stopledshop website, and cease business transactions on BLF.
  3. Everyone else: Please drop the subject. Please do any further business dealings with YouWantLED via the 1stopledshop website if you choose to do so.

Please respect these instructions to avoid further conflict. is not to be used as a medium to judge or defend any existing business.


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