[Review] Thorfire TG06s + video

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[Review] Thorfire TG06s + video

Allright guys, now it’s my time to give respect to the new version of this little edc light, the Thorfire TG06s.
You know, a lot of you still have saw many things about it, so not much words for me, in my cheesy english.
It’s a very power flashlight, with a XP-G2 led it will throw very well for his size. But do not forget to pump it with a powerful 14500 lion battery! Big Smile
Ok, so please take a tour on this little gem, thank you!

The Thorfire TG06S is an upgraded version of the TG06 (and it much better than the old version!).
It has 4 modes, always starts in high: HIGHMEDIUMLOWMOON.
The light now uses a standard reverse-clicky. All seems to be nicely machined and assembled. I have used for about a month, never failed. I’ve used always with a 14500 battery, it become hot if you use a lot of “High” mode.

About the battery, it works fine with Ikea Ladda AA/Eneloop, but it become a little monster with 14500 BUT please take a look at the dimensions/diameter! No problem with a Sanyo, not the same with a Keepower, it do no fit! Facepalm

Here you are the video:

I know I know it’s in italian language…but hey, I saw a lot of english videos and sometime in German/Russian too! C’mon take a look! If you jump on min. 6 you can see the “problem” with the Keepower battery. On min. 7 a “ride” in the water (while I drink beer!) and from around 7,50 min. some beamshots in/outdoor (with my black cat too!)

Finally, if you put this code: MQHZYUZC you add 35% of discount, so…Now you can buy it with a veeery good price, so what are you waiting for??? Big Smile

Thank you all for watching!!

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