What adaptor do I need for this charger?

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What adaptor do I need for this charger?


 I bought a couple of these: http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/5V-Mobile-Power-Supply-USB-Battery-Charger-18...

and the seller told me not to use a 9V 2A adaptor, which one would be best or provide quickest charging (I guess that would be at the expense of cell life?)



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Can't see why the 9V 2A adapter wouldn't work. The device looks kinda home-made though.


If its maximum output is 5V 2A then a 9V 1.1A adapter would be adequate but if a 9V 2A one is what you have there shouldn't be a problem - the charger will just draw what it needs, not what the adapter is capable of supplying.



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