750 lumen torch at TESCO UK

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scruffy dog
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750 lumen torch at TESCO UK

how meny lumens do you think it realy is

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320 maybe Smile

Nil Einne
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I guess a good question is what LED? It says Cree so my guess is it must be an MC-E

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It is going to be a lot bigger than it looks - it says it wants 4 D cells. It should be possible to get 750 lumens off the emitter without too much trouble, but 4 D alkalines asked to push 2.8A are not going to last a long time.


And since it is £70 - around US$110 it doesn't seem all that great value for money.


My best MC-E, the Ultrafire 510B with the M bin MC-E emitter (US$20) is not far off 600 lumens which is probably what this Tesco light will do with good NiMH D cells - doubt it'll get close to that on alkalines. But 18650 cells are hardly consumer items.


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