[Review] Zanflare Z1

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[Review] Zanflare Z1

Factory images

Initial impression

Box felt like an iPhone – white with simple zanflare logo and a snug fit.
Very good English manual, neoprene carry case, pocket clip and usual extra.
The ano and unique knurling are very attractive
The mode button feels so nice, like a Nikon DSLR shutter button.
The tailcap button again feels so much smoother than the standard rubber boot, with a hard (polymer?) button and a nice action and click

User interface

Tailswitch for on off, side mode button to switch modes.
The two switch set up works really well, is so easy to use I would see this as my go to gift flashlight, especially with the built in usb charging
Accidental mode changes don’t occur with the dual switch. Most of the time when using a 1200lm torch like this I’m using one mode for an activity – high/turbo for mountain biking or rabbit shooting, medium for night hiking to lengthen runtimes and low/firefly for around the house. In each of these activities I don’t want any mode changes so that feeling of being 100% confident will make this the one a grab first when I need reliability


Factory numbers – zanflare has different naming convention than my list
Moonlight 1 lumen
Low 50 lumen
Medium 290 lumen
High 590 lumen
Turbo 1200 lumen (30 seconds)
Candela 16,650cd
While I love the numbers, the most subjective part of any review/flashlight is the uses its being put to. If it’s walking the dog in an urban area 99% of the lights will meet this need.
As stated above the times I need a high performance flashlight is when I am mountainbiking, hunting, hiking, 4wding or boating.
I strapped the zanflare to my helmet, lovely wide wall of light to keep the single track illuminated so well my vision wasnt the limiting factor, my lungs were. Strapped to my .22 the lumens on high does give lots of light, and provide what I see as a range of 60m or so for rabbit/small game. This is perfect for one of the farms I hunt on so will be taken out regularly.

Comparison with other makes

Zanflare is higher quality than the equivalent convoy, eagle eye and maxtoch for quality of knurling, button action, packaging and extras.
In saying that the features/specs are matched by an eagle eye X2R which is likely to be approx $10-$15 less, so it depends on whether a person is looking for an element of quality and wants to pay for it

This light was provided by gearbest

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