[Video Review] Ganzo G723

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[Video Review] Ganzo G723

Hello guys!
Well, you know, I try to give respect to this big folding knive in my cheese english, but sometime it’s hard! So simply I put a small video with some bla bla bla in italian language Blushing
I know, you do not understand italian, so just keep a little trip on video, maybe put a song under the vision and take off my voice Hat
Ladies and gentlemen, here you are the fabulous Ganzo G723!

It’s a frame lock, a solid frame lock, with a single G10 handle, in my case I’ve choose orange color

Take a look at the blade shape, it’s beautiful!

To understand how big it is, just look a little comparison wit a Mora Companion and a famous Sanrenmu 710

Again, now with a Victorinox Hunter.

The comparison between the blades is palpable

And now, the video!
With a little appearance of Ted Bundy and another monster…brrrr Big Smile

Enjoy it!

www.youtube.com/channel/UCeDhMPm0L1yvr3LpygDPgMw my flashlights/knives/gear video reviews
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