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Bwana][quote=hIKARInoob wrote:
I pretty much done with Sofirnlight.com I placed 3 orders from them , the first one had the wrong tracking number and was for a different customers living in a different state.

Another order has a tracking number indicating it is in China waiting to ship for the last 4 weeks. Lan Lee says it is on a plane near my house .

I placed another order recently which I now have asked to cancel

I don’t believe low prices should be an excuse for poor business practices.

I made THE first order from the new Sofirnlight store when it launched back in January. That order is STILL not here. Although I’m not happy about it, Barry DID write me a very sincere explanation and promised to get it sorted.

I’d rather get an honest and heartfelt effort from THE guy, than ignored. Barry explained the growing pains with his division (which doesn’t run the AliExpress biz BTW), and he made good on some problems I encountered WITH the “Ali” group in the past (which I’ll just say, dropped the ball on some past orders).

I’ve seen Barry active on the site recently, and I see he cares about BLF and he’s working to get the new site sorted out while honing up to ALL issues I brought to his attention- in my case. I feel he and Lan are sincerely doing what they can to get their division up and running while working through recent issues out of their control.

I appreciate them and also the fact they are NOT charging TAX to my state (Kansas, which currently does NOT require inter-state sales taxes to be collected!!!) which AliExpress IS charging that rate (illegally) right now… WHO in China is remitting an 8% tax levy (in any state) back to the USA?

This AliExpress tax (to ANY US State) is a scam I can do without and I appreciate Barry isn’t running things like the AliExpress crew (who I won’t buy from due to this tax BS and past problems not resolved… until Barry stepped up here I was not bringing in any Sofirn for a while).

BTW: several LATER orders from the new sorfirn.com site HAVE arrived in good order.

I, for one, am confident this new site will be a go-to for we BLFers in the near future for most Sofirn products as the prices are fair without TAX “games” and other problems I have had with Qidong and co. the last year.

I’ll take a straight shooter Vs. passive aggressive time wasters EVERY time! Barry IS a straight shooter I look forward to continuing to work with.

One guys opinion here anyway (after buying about $1k in Sofirn alone the last few years).


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On the other hand, Sofirnlight are really efficient at getting goods to the UK from China in usually less than 3 weeks rather than a month or 6 weeks or more, and Sofirn.com throws up a www1 subdomain. If you’ve got a vpn, give it a try through a UK server, I’d be interested to see if you see the same.

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The Olight one mentioned by RC is a good point, i opted out of their emails but still get them.

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