LCD display reallocation problem on USB powerbank PCB

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LCD display reallocation problem on USB powerbank PCB


Well, you may have seen these already, they're sold for cheap as @#$% in Banggood, AliExpress and other sites, and work rather well (they charge batteries at ≈2A or close if the power supply handles it).

The only problem I see is the display, as it comes placed, reads upside-down: if you're looking in front of the ports, you're 180° away from reading the display as it should. I also move the display to the other side of the board by attaching resistor lead extensions now, making the stuff slimmer.


I've already tinkered with a couple boards reallocating the LCD a couple times in both cases, and I've noticed the display segments start to die by the second Facepalm move. I believe this is probably caused by static electricity or some sort of related stuff. Facts:

  • Cutting the leads with a Dremel style multitool fitted with a diamond cutting wheel causes “random” segment polarization.
  • Applying heat over the leads with both my senior (AC) and my junior (5V USB) soldering irons causes segment polarization.


0K. Any tips? Yeah, I know, do it right the first time LoL! 


P.S.: segment polarization means the screen segments power on LoL!

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