[Review] MiniFocus MF0025G ~ My favorite watch so far...!

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[Review] MiniFocus MF0025G ~ My favorite watch so far...!

Yesterday I got delivery of another budget watch from AliExpress.
The price I paid for this one is $20 and I should say that this is by far my favorite watch…!

The watch arrived in a very nice rectangular textured box.
The box definitely adds to the value of the watch and enables to be a great gift.
A brand tag, a warranty and the padding foam was what it was included in the box.

I am a long time fan of big watches and this particular one is no exception.
The case is metallic and has a glossy grey finish.
The crown has a diamond cut pattern while the chronograph buttons require medium force and are quite tactile.

The 48mm width makes the watch seem extra big but I am totally into these kinds of watches.
I have found the grey background with the yellow details to really match my preferences, but If I can recall correctly there are more color variations of the watch.
Of course, all the functions of the watch (chronograph, date) work as expected.

The watch comes with a 22mm leather strap.
Surprissingly, the strap is thick and pretty hard, so it takes a week or so until it softens up.
The strap matches very well with the watch and its one of the few times that I am not thinking about replacing with a NATO.

Overall, I am really surprised by the appearance of the watch and it has become one of my favorites.
Here is the link from the shop I purchased it from: MiniFocus MF0025G