(ENDED) Fin17 Six-Month Anniversary Giveaway

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1) Nitecore Concept 1
2) Not sure. I’d like another multi-cell aa powered light to replace the ea41w I gave my mother for the unreliable Crelant v4a but that will have to wait until the Q8 is paid for.

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I do not have enough posts to qualify but would like to mention how well Fin17 presents his coupon code page here in BLF. It is easy to browse products with pictures, codes, links, and pertinent information. I have requested and have used codes from Fin17 before, so thank you and here’s to another 6 months! Thumbs Up

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Thanks Fin17. My prefer will be
1.Zanflare SuperPack (zanflare F1 + zanflare F2 + zanflare F6)
2.Nitecore Concept 1

3. just order multiple convoys with your coupon. maybe buy convoys more in near future. thanks

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First up, congrats on the half-iversary!

I’d say the NC Concept 1. Nitecore makes a good light and I currently don’t own anything with an XHP35… would like to give one a try.

I’ve been eyeing the Utorch UT02. It’s just so hard to pull the trigger when I’ve got a shelf full of lights that barely see any use. Gearbest needs to have a buy-back program! Wink

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Thanks for the giveaway.
1. Haikelite MT01
2. Klarus XT2CR – unless I can bag a review sample!

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1. I am interested in Klarus Mi7 Ti
2. I would like to buy a headlight. Not sure what to buy yet.

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Hi Fin17, congrats and thanks for the GAW!

1. Nitecore SC4 Superb Charger
2. Haikelite MT07

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Thanks for the GAW
Zanflare pack would be my choice.
Not planning a buy but some BLF348 lights as presents seem pretty OK to order with coupon.

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Thanks for the giveaway. I’m in!

1. Haikelite MT01
2. DQG Tiny 18650

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Thanks for this giveaway

1. Zanflare pack
2 haikelite mt07


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1. Haikelite MT01
2. I might order the Brinyte B158 once I get the extra funds.

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Thanks for the generous GAW! Thumbs Up

1. Nitecore Concept 1 looks interesting.

2. I’ve been waiting for a coupon for the Nitecore TIP SS.

Thanks! Beer

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Hello Fin17,

Thanks for the GAW!

1. Nitecore Concept 1

2. I’m interest Nitecore MT22A strange look flashlight


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1. Haikelite MT01 SILVER
2. Imalent DX80 or TM38 lite

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Thanks for the giveaway
I choose Haikelite MT01…

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Thanks for the giveaway, Fin17!

  1. Nitecore Concept 1
  2. UKing ZQ - X900
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Zanflare SuperPack
Nitecore TM 38
Thanks for the giveaway.

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Congratulations Fin!
1. Please count me in for the Klarus Mi7 Ti !

2. I would like the jaxman E2L to have a good discount or code

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1. Nitecore Concept 1
2. Nitecore Concept 1, if I don’t win it Big Smile and fortunately you have a coupon for it as well Thumbs Up

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1) Interested in the Haikelite MT01 silver.
2) I would buy the Haikelite MT02 silver or the Utorch UT03 NW with a nice coupon.

Thanks Fin for the GA and congrats for the first 6 good months !! Thumbs Up


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1. I would like the SC4 as a prize
2. If I don’t win I’d like a coupon for it please!


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1. I would like the Mi7 Titanium (I would have gone with the Zanflare Super pack if I havent bought all 3 of them haha)
2. I’m looking to buy the Sunwayman C22CC

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1. Nitecore SC4.

2. Jaxman E2L host at a good price.

Thanks for the giveaway!

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I’d love to get the Klarus Mi7 Ti

I have been looking at the Manker E14 recently.

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I would like the Klarus Mi7 Ti. I have an alu version and the Ti could be my EDC !
I have no plan right now, just waiting for my Emisar D4 Smile

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Any Zanflare product is great value-for-money
That rechargeable SWM looks promising too.

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Thanks for the giveaway.
The nitecore sc4 would be perfect.
I dont plan on buying anything at mo – but then i say that and still end up buying a torch or something torch related most every other week Smile -
So a discount code for a good deal would certainly tempt me.

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Klarus Mi7 Ti

Imalent DN70
With Coupon

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1.) I like the Zanflare Super Pack-how can you wrong with those three lights?

2.) I was thinking of buying the S42 to go with my S41.


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 Unusual  6 months giveaway ! Congrats !

 1. Haikelite MT01 ( looks gorgeous...)

 2. Haikelite MT07 will be my next buy .., as soon as the finances will allow..! I need overtime !!!!