(ENDED) Fin17 Six-Month Anniversary Giveaway

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Nice gaw there. Congrats!
*) Haikelite MT01 SILVER, seems interesting to me.
*) Would like to get some nice hefty coupons on IMALENT DN70 in the future.

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I would like the Nitecore Concept 1 flashlight, if I was a winner.
I would be interested in purchasing the following if there was a good coupon offer:

Convoy L6 LED Camping Flashlight – 6000-6500K BLACK 179541801
Cree XHP70 N4 1C 3800LM Unibody Instant Strobe Dual Switch

Thanks for the giveaway offer!

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1) Haikelite MT01 SILVER
2) Fenix TK75 + tubes with coupons.

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1. Klarus Mi7 Ti
2. BLF348. Coupon code? yes. Smile

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KelG wrote:
Thank you for the generous giveaway.

My choice would be the Klarus Mi7 Ti

Don’t plan to buy anything yet but a good deal could convince me otherwise.

+1 … This one is from the heart.
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1. I would choose the Haikelite MT01 SILVER.
2. Not immediately planning on a new flashlight but I’m interested in a multiple-18650 light like the MT01.

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I like having your deals available to us, thank you.

Nitecore SC4 Charger.

Haikelite would be my next gb light purchase.

Jack Kellar
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1. I’m interested in the Zanflare pack, because…
2. The F2 is the only light I’m really wanting to pull the trigger on. Otherwise, only a Convoy L6 of any finish. Now, for non-lights, a Liitokala Lii-500 charger would be real nice.

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1. Nitecore Concept 1
2. Nitecore TM06S

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Thanks for the opportunity!

1. Nitecore SC4 Charger (EU)
2. Looking for a good bike light with coupon code.

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1. Haikelite MT01 SILVER
2. I am WAIT Wait wait Utorch UT03 LED Flashlight

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1) Haikelite MT01 SILVER
2) The Utorch UT03

Thanks for the GAW!

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Congratulations and thank you for giveaway Smile

1. Haikelite MT01
2. Jaxman E2L

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Nitecore Concept 1, thx!

Looking for a grey Lumzoo

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Zanflare super pack. I haven’t bought any zanflare lights yet but would love to test them out. Thanks

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- Would love to have the Nitecore SC4 charger.
- At the moment not looking for any light, will wait for the BLF specials.

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Nitecore concept 1
Currently interested in a new headlamp Cash

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Thanks for the giveaway!

1. Interested in the MT01
2. Not sure, probably a Haikelite.. I’ll maybe snap a convoy host too..

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1. Interested in Klarus Mi7 Ti
2. Not sure, but i think a Concept 1

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1. Love to win the Nitecore Concept 1

2. Probably looking to get the Skilhunt H03 NW sometime soon. (have the H15 and dig it)

PS> thanks for the opportunity!

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Thanks for the GAW!

1) Haikelite MT01 SILVER
2) Been eyeing the HaikeLite HT35

james y
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Haikelite MT01 SILVER for me too, thank you.

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thanks for the give away and here is my answer
1. Nitecore SC4 Charger
2. Olight Nova headlamp

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Zanflare SuperPack (zanflare F1 + zanflare F2 + zanflare F6)

Zanflare B3 Coupons are always welcome.

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1. Nitecore Concept 1

2. The Convoy S2+ 365nm Nichia UV is about the only light I’m thinking about right now.

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Hi Fin17

I really like the silver Haikelite MT01

I am tempting to buy this light for my bicycle Ravemen PR1200?

Thanks for the giveaway!


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I’m interested in Nitecore SC4.

I’m going to order Skilhunt S3 pro. Yeah, this is what I have been thinking since a month ago.

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Interested in Nitecore SC4.

Maybe the Nitecore SRT7GT

Thanks Fin17

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I like the nitecore concept 1

A cupon for the Manker E02 would be nice

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Which of the listed gifts are you interested in? (one item per user)

—-> nitecore concept 1

Which flashlight would you like to buy from Gearbest in the near future? Are you looking for a coupon to make a purchase?
—-> i would like klarus g35 and coupon for it

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