Review: Klarus Mi7 Ti

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Review: Klarus Mi7 Ti

This light was provided to me by FastTech for review.

I was really excited to get the Klarus Mi7 Ti for review. This one caught my eye because of the satin colored Ti body with very cool machining and the electronic side switch. It offered direct access to Low and high from off. It also offers direct access to SOS and Strobe from off but they are enough out of the way for me. You can also electronically lock the light out which is a huge plus. The packaging is a little nicer than normal making it a good gift presentation. The fit and finish on my example was great. No flaws in the body finish and the head screws were surprisingly smooth for a Ti light. The side switch provides positive feedback and isn’t mushy at all.

The pocket clip is what kills this light for me. A sturdy pocket is a must for me and it having one is a deal breaker. I don’t use lanyards and I don’t attach lights to my key chain. I clip them in the same pocket everytime so I always know where it is. If you push too hard putting it in your pocket the clip will slide off. Now if you don’t use a pocket clip or prefer a keychain attachment then this would work great for you.

The beam is a nice cool white which I prefer and the pattern was nice and smooth. I didn’t see any rings or artifacts in the beam profile thanks to a nice orange peel reflector. Like the Lumintop Tool I reviewed I see this as being a nice, classy office carry light. It would work best riding in the bottom of a pocket or maybe in a pocket sheath. The price is reasonable also. If you want the light but want a little better price there is also an aluminum version that comes in many colors.

Overall this is a very cool light. It has the look of a much more expensive light and the simple UI is a breeze to use. I just wish the pocket clip was better. I’m not against clip on pocket clips, FourSevens and Olight both produce an excellent pocket clip. I wish Klarus had put a little more thought into it or machined provisions for a bolt on clip into the tail cap.

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Awesome review thanks a million for it