"Hall of Shame" - flashlight vendors that spam or shill on BLF

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Not on BLF but our member RDTech keeps spamming me on Aliexpress since I purchased an item from them. Despite being asked to stop.

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Spamming my email address.

I got an email offering me a review sample, with the title:

“Sofirn SC31 PRO testing for Free”

I replied with my mailing address, and a thank you.

Then I got an email asking:

“how about order first and refund by Paypal….”

“If you can accept it, we could tell you more test details.”

“What’s more, are you amazon prime member with free shipping?”


you can see about half a dozen other review threads for that light on BLF.

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From my experience they are honest and the process works fine. They don’t force you to write a positive review. Yes, they violate Amazon’s TOS wrt. “paid” reviews, but this happens a lot and I expect it when reading reviews.

Not sure about unwanted emails because I contacted them in the first place. We all get so much automated spam that I don’t care about this kind of message (AFAIK these messages are written by people, not automated).

Sofirn, if you read this: I’m still open for doing such reviews (Germany) if you like. The SC31 Pro would be interesting for me. Wink