Review: Nitecore NU05

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Review: Nitecore NU05

The flashlight that was born to point out our position. Ideal for runners and cyclists.
Hello everyone, today we will see the Nitecore NU05 KIT sent by Nitecore, whom I thank for the opportunity and trust given to me.

CLICK HERE to go to the official page on the Nitecore website.

I want to clarify that the reviews are done at the amateur level and without the aid of scientific instruments or test in secret and cutting edge Labs therefore, between the lines that follow, there will also be my humble impressions.

Official features:

- lightweight and tiny warning light
- utilizes 4 high performance LEDs
- dual white and red light sources
- built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery with max runtime up to 20 hours
- built-in intelligent Li-ion charging circuit for Micro-USB charging
- simple one switch control for one-handed operation
- 4 special modes selectable
- built-in power indicator to indicate remaining power level (Patent NO.: ZL201220057767.4)
- constructed from durable and sturdy PC material
- ultra-lightweight design for extreme portability
- 1.5 meters impact resistance

Where to buy it

You could buy the flashlight faster from
Be careful because there are 2 versions of this flashlight: the basic version and the kit version (reviewed here). The second one has in addition all the accessories that you will see in the next paragraphs.

The packaging and accessories

The NU05 comes in a pack made of paperboard, where the word "KIT" stands to indicating that this variant contains all the accessories (always listed on the paper) to attack the torch on bicycle or on your own person. The plastic tab on the back of the torch, which we will see later, will be also on the base version and will be enough to hook the flashlight to clothing.
On the package there are some drawings that depict some of the various possible uses with the accessories. The possibilities are almost endless, the only limit is your imagination.

Once removed everything from the packaging, we would have:

- the NU05;
- a USB-> micro USB charging cable of about 1 meter length;
- the multipurpose elastic band;
- plastic support to attach the NU05 to the bike;
- 2 silicone rings to lock the plastic support;
- the warranty card;
- the multi-languages manual.

Here, the pages on English manual that you can download or view by downloading it from the site Nitecore.

The Flashlight

The NU05 KIT is the "courtesy" flashlight of Nitecore.
It was born with the aim to be the perfect companion for all those who, in one way or another, get together to train in the evening for the busy streets of our cities (cyclists and runners in particular) and need to be clearly visible to the eyes of any distracted drivers.
So almost all modes of the flashlight are special and only one is a normal normal (of courtesy) to use the flashlight, if necessary, to see the way ahead.

The whole body, in square rounder corners shape, is made of plastic. The back half is completely black while the front one is transparent and satin, allowing the user to see the inside of its body including the main motherboard.

According to a statement from the Nitecore, the body resists without problems and damage to drops from heights of about 1,5 meters and is resistant to dust and liquids according to the IP66 certification.

About the brightness, the Nitecore doesn't specify what type of LEDs are used for principal purposes but tells us that are 4 (2 whites and 2 reds) high performance LEDs. They are placed distribuited (1 red and 1 white, 1 red and 1 white) at the corners of the body, around the power button.

Centrally located, the only button of the torch. It is electronic, it has a short ride and a click that sound enough. At its right (considering the view of picture below) there are 2 LEDs, red and green, that indicate when the device is charging or when the battery has reached 100%. The red LED has also the function of a locator.

In the back of the flashlight there is the clip that  is composed of the same material of the flashlight. To its left there is the name of the model and the CE and RoHS certifications.

To its right is specified that inside the flashlight there is a lithium ion rechargeable battery ot 120 mAh.

The plastic clip has 3 small teeth that help to keep it on clothes and elastic band (included) and also serves to attach the flashlight to the bicycle support. Remember that both of these accessories are present in the KIT versions.
The small tooth on the left stabilizes better the grip on the elastic band or on MOLLE attack because, as size, there is a perfect match.

Focusing on the sides of the torch we can see, thanks to the transparent body, the wires

and the small rechargeable battery.

On one of the 4 sides there is the microUSB port for recharging the battery, covered by a silicone door that protect the port from water sprays.

Removing the cover we have free access to the microUSB port.

Here is the photo of the small red LED that serves as a locator,

the 2 main red LEDs

and the 2 main solid neutral pure white (not tending to cold and warm) LEDs, similar to that used in the CRI Nitecore's flashlights.

The charging system

With the presence of the almost universal microUSB port, is easy to understand that the NU05 is rechargeable via any USB device.
Among the various devices that come to our aid there are solar panels, wall and car chargers or the now ubiquitous powerbank.

Thanks to KIT version, we also have the special cable that has a good thickness. Then just plug the flashlight to any device and wait until the end of the recharge.

Charging start at a speed of 0,12A and, given the presence of small battery, it could not be otherwise. While the device is charging, the red LED will light up.

Full charge, when fully discharged, takes 1 hour and 15 minutes to complete. A successful charge will turn on a green LED.

Note: most modern powerbank, cut the power when they detect low currents. Then, instead of the Green LED, you will find the flashlight turned off completely and a charge of 99.9%. The "fault" is not to be imputed to the flashlight but to the powerbank.

Accessories and various possible adapters

Like I said earlier, this is the KIT version of NU05 which includes more accessories than the basic version.
Now we will see them in detail:

1) USB charging cable-> about 1 meter long microUSB.
Maybe you take for granted, but not all products that use this method of recharging have a good quality cable included in the package.

Both the small hose velcro clamp and the USB connector have Nitecore logo on them.

2) the elastic band with a width of about 60 cm, adjustable and yellow/grey coloured with the black NITECORE words.

It hold the NU05 very easily and allows it to be attached in a large variety of ways to report our presence to those that are coming behind us

Can be placed behind your head,

to the wrist

or in the back of the arm to signal our position to whoever comes behind us.

The plastic clip also can be attacked on clothing or, if owned, on any backpack or accessory with the M.O.L.L.E. attack.

3) adapter for bicycle, consisting of a plastic support and 2 silicone rings (one for reserve) which stops the support firmly in the desired position.

Seeing the support from its side, we can see that is curved to fit the tubular parts of the bike. In the sides, you have 2 "small ears" while centrally there is the binary for NU05.

To attack it will be necessary to take the silicone ring, place it in one of the 2 "small ears" and pull it around the saddle support

then attach it to another "small ear".

Once you have made the previous operation, simply take the NU05 and insert it into the binary

until it stops.

This is how the NU05 will be attached at the back of the bike.

Alternatively you can stick to the front handlebar to indicate our presence to those who proceed towards us and illuminate a little bit the way.

How it works

The NU05 is a bit outside the box. It was created specifically for distinguish oneself. In fact, 3 of the 4 modes on this torch are flashing modes.

According to Nitecore's data, the output of this flashlight are:
- red light -> 4 lumens
- white light-> 35 lumens

The torch has no memory and switching on and off, modes changing are entrusted to the only electronic button placed at the center of the flashlight's body.
Modes, each time, always follow the same order (locator with the small red LED, slow blinking 2 Red LEDs, flashing quickly with 2 Red LEDs, slow blinking with 2 bright white LEDs and fixed white light).
There are no shortcuts.

When it is off, click to turn on the flashlight and one click, within 3 seconds, to change modes. Another click, after activating the fixed white light will turn off the light.

To select a given level, just find it with various clicks and stay there. If you will click on a mode, after 3 seconds, the flashlight will turn off.

For convenience, I attach a small video that I made to show better what changes in the various modes.

The NU05 can be locked electronically.
With the turned on flashlight, just hold down the button for a second. A subsequent long press will unlock and, as confirmation, you will activate the locator. Just one click to turn it off.

With the unlocked and turned off flashlight, one can know the level of charge of the battery simply holding the button for 1 second.
3 flashes indicate a charge of 50% >, 2 flashes will indicate the charge of < 50% while with 1 flashing you will have to put in charging the device.

Dimensions: dimensions and weight

The NU05 measure 2,95x2,95x1,28 cm excluding the clip.
Weighs 12 grams alone and 21 grams with the addition of the elastic band.

Following pictures for dimensional comparison with a big BIC lighter

Lumen, runtime, candles and beamshot

N.B. The tests to follow were made with 120mAh li-ion battery integrated in the device. The whole thing was done in a homely environment at 24° without forced ventilation.

The following values were taken with the built-in battery charged and are considered peak.

The following values were taken with the built-in battery charged and are considered peak.

The following values were taken with the built-in battery charged and are considered peak.

The following photo was taken at a distance of 20 cm from the wall.

Beam width

The only useful beamshot, looking to the little throw of the flashligh, is the one in the garage. Its 35 lumen totally spread are very handy in indoors.

Personal considerations

The NU05 is a flashlight that comes out not to see but to be seen.

Its high intensity 4  red/white LEDs are very suitable to report our presence to who comes behind us or those that come in front of us, is very useful even as a back-up or as "courtesy" light as long as you don't lose it in your pockets.

A further clue of its being a "support" is that the UI is mainly composed of intermittently modes and only by 1 fixed mode.

The extreme compactness and light weight are important qualities but, unfortunately, do not give to the product a very long autonomy with steady light. With flashing modes instead, the small battery is more than enough to cover an exit. The absence of parable and totally transparent body, spread the light everywhere.

The only fault is that, when you put on the flash light on the forehead as any headlamp, it dazzles us a bit and we are forced to turn to the light upwards, "wasting" a bit of the main beam.

The only improvement that I'd recommend to Nitecore is to insert an additional mode for the only fixed red light, which might come in handy if we want to move in the dark without compromising our night vision.

What do you think about it? Do you would buy?

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