Review of ThorFire VG10S and TK15S

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Review of ThorFire VG10S and TK15S


It is not too often that I get 2 lights both newly manufactured and both are ThorFire.

Every ThorFire light that I have exceeded my expectations and these two have come through.

The VG10S

5 Adjustable Brightness Level:

Moonlight(1LM)/Low(50LM)/Mid(300LM)/High(1100LM)/Hidden Strobe is available for daily different usage; 200 Hours long runtime for moonlight mode,High-Efficiency Reflection Lens.

The XP-L2 really sets this apart from the VG10

I took several light measurements as well as current and it easily gets the 1100 lumen output and on the highest setting runs between 3.7 to 4.1a.

It throws extremely well for its size.



The TK15S

 Multiple 6 Modes: Moonlight(1LM)/Low(100LM)/Mid(500LM)/High(1050LM)/Hidden Strobe(1050LM)/ Hidden Bike Blink(200LM) with memory for daily different usage; Hidden Strobe for emergency, self defense; bicycle blink for cycling.


I did the same with this light and got readings at all different stages of use. Lumen output is dead on the 1050 lumen that is advertised. If you have freshly charged 30q it will get as high as 1200 lumen. Current readings 2.3 to 2.5a.

This light has a tighter beam but still lights up a very large area for its size.

Everything about both of these lights is simple and easy.

I will go so far as to say for EDC 18650 lights these 2 are a must have.


You can see the video of both lights on my YouTube channel


Terry White