Olight X7R review (12000 lm, 3 х XHP70, Rechargeable)

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Olight X7R review (12000 lm, 3 х XHP70, Rechargeable)


Today’s review will be dedicated to a new flashlight from Olight, the Olight X7R.

Link to the flashlight on Olight website

What’s new, we still have the X7, don’t we?

Well, it depends. Generally, not many changed but if you look at the changes closely – almost everything changed.

  • Max brightness is now 12000 lumens instead of 9000
    A proximity sensor was added, it decreases brightness when you put something close to the surface of the working flashlight lens
    A lanyard can now be attached to the flashlight
    Thermal regulation was added
    The body was changed a little, looks more modern and feels more comfortable in the hand
    A build in charger was added, power adapter include in the package
    A build in battery pack is user, no user ability to service or replace
    The water resistance is now a bit worse, it’s IPX7 instead of IPX8 because of the new charging port addition

Well, most changes are very positive. Regarding the battery pack – I think that because the flashlight is backed by Olight 5 year warranty we can feel relieved. The flashlight can work from powerbank (drawing impressive 3.5A) so a runtime can even be greater, when used in conjunction with powerbank(s).

Let’s start?

Exactly like the X7, the flashlight comes in a very nice black carton box, that can be used to store the flashlight, and be easily used as gift package.

The bundled accessories list is what I’d call extensive. You have everything you need to run the flashlight, including a very beefy 5V 4A (yes, 4A) power adapter. USB-C cable is being used because of the lower resistance of the connector, which becomes more important at higher currents.

User manual. Please notice that you have several turbo modes.

The button became less sticky to the dust. The flashlight has a nice grip because of the integrated finger groves. The button now has motion sensor, so locating the button in the dark became even easier.

Here is the smart lanyard attachment hole. It’s now being hidden in the flashlight body when not needed.

The connector to the charging cable is now also hidden from sight (and water and dust) when not needed. It’s being opened/closed by a twist of the tailcap.

Some details:

Type C connector was chosen because of improved current handling.
The maximum current draw that I measured was 3.5 A. You don’t have to use the bundled power adapter, my Blitzwolf also could provide the huge current.
The flashlight operates with the power adapter connected, drawing up to 17.5W. Meaning, that the runtime can be greatly prolonged (or/and battery life improved as well, as there will be less recharge/charge cycles).

If you look closely, you will see a 3 microscopic sized screws on the perimeter of the tailcap. If you happen to own the appropriate tool (that I unfortunately to not possess) you may or may not, if it’s glued) get to the batteries running the light. By the way there should be 4 18650 there, this is the reason that the review is in this section.

The flashlight comes with a protective film attached to the lens. The lens itself is AR coated. Please look closely – you can see the proximity sensor. When you for an instance place a hand in front of the flashlight it will drop it brightness, and resume it when you remove the hand.

The moonlight more is as good as it gets in this light. Not too bright, not too dim, and because of the huge spot it’s very useful in the dark.

A comparison with the older model. I like the X7R more. The overall dimensions and the optics remain the same. The blue Olight finish became a bit brighter.

Let’s see it in action

Well, simply a huge amount of light all around you. It was even difficult to take a picture, as all becomes so bright around you. It really turns night into day.

The flashlight becomes pretty hot when on turbo S mode, I measured up to 54 degrees Celsius. The body is 9 degrees less, so I assume that no unibody is used over here.

Conclusion, final words

Well, Olight did it again, the already great flashlight (the X7) became better. More powerful, better looking and packed with more features.