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Review - Orcatorch T30

My first impression, upon seeing the Orcatorch T30, was “that’s one sexy flashlight.” I’m not sure flashlights can be sexy, but after using the T30 for several weeks I’m still left with my first impression.

It isn’t just the looks of the T30 either; sure the flashlight catches the eye and practically begs the owner to find some excuse to use it, but that feeling only grows stronger once you get past the eye-candy aspect and delve into the superb build quality, the excellent user-interface, and the included features.

Billed as a tactical flashlight, the T30 excels at the more ordinary, and far more mundane, tasks that most users will ask of it. At my age (55) I’m no longer eager about channeling my inner Rambo – so I chose not to engage in fights with hostile forces, forced entry into suspected drug rings, or temporarily blinding attackers. I did put the T30 to good use on my evening walks, checking the animals, and a hundred other common uses.

The Orcatorch T30 package

The T30 shipped with an included holster, two 18650 batteries, a battery charger, a usb cord for charging the battery while it is in the flashlight, spare O-rings, a lanyard, a clip, and documentation.

The holster is quite nice, among the better holsters in my mind. The front flap is secured via Velcro and the belt-loop is secured via both Velcro and a snap-button. It’ll take a 2 ½ inch [wide] belt without a problem and can be attached without removing your belt.

I charged one of the 18650 batteries with the included charger and the other while in the flashlight (using the included usb cord). I didn’t time either, but it seems that the charger was a bit faster. I do like the convenience of charging the battery while in the flashlight and it is much easier to take a usb cord with you (as opposed to taking the charger).

The lanyard is branded with Orcatorch and seems to be of a better quality than most lanyards I’ve seen. There are two places where the lanyard can be attached: the tail and there’s a hole in the tactical ring (I attached mine at the tail).

The clip is pretty stiff – it is usable, but just a bit too stiff for my preference. It is made out of stainless steel and has a black coating.

Orcatorch T30 features

At 6.29 inches in length, the T30 is on the outer limits of a comfortable pocket-carry flashlight in my opinion. I do tend to carry it in a front pocket though, as I’m not fond of having things attached to my belt. The largest diameter (the bell, or flashlight head) is just a bit over 1.5 inches. The T30 easily fits in a jacket pocket, a glove compartment, and the side-pocket of my trucks’ drivers-side door.

The body is finished beautifully; there are no sharp edges to cut into your hand, pinch, or otherwise cause discomfort. The T30 is comfortable in a variety of hand-held positions and the mode switch is easily operated with my index finger, my ring finger, or my thumb. The tail switch is stiffer, but still operated easily with either my thumb or my index finger.

The T30 can be operated with one hand (that’s how I use the flashlight).

The reflector is deep and smooth – making for a pocket-able flashlight with great throwing ability. The reflector is an aluminum alloy with a professional optical analysis.

The LED is a Cree XPL (v3)

The lens is toughened glass with double-sided coating. The outer coating is scratch-resistant, and the inner coating is anti-reflective to reduce light loss.

The body is made with high strength aluminum (Al-6061-T6) and features a premium military (type III) hard anodized anti-abrasive finish with an anti-slip, anti-roll design.

The head is stainless steel; it looks great but also provides addition functions (glass breaking ability and striking ability).

The head has multiple heat-dissipation fins cut in. (They work great, as the light never once got really warm, even after extended use)

Low voltage warning: indicator light (red) comes on when battery is low.

Reverse Polarity: prevents damage if battery is installed incorrectly.

Overheat protection: flashlight reduces output to prevent heat damage to the “brains.”

Constant Current Circuit – flashlight puts out same brightness regardless of the battery’s state of charge.

The T30 can be powered by 1 18650 battery, or 2 CR123A batteries, or 2 16340 batteries. Only the 18650 battery can be charged while in the flashlight. (I did not test the T30 with the other battery types)

Memory function: the flashlight will turn on to the same mode last used. (Does not apply to Strobe mode or SOS mode)

The T30 is IPX-8 rated (waterproof to 2 meters) and drop resistant to 1 meter.

When charging the 18650 battery (while inside the flashlight) the included cord plugs into the side of the flashlight. Once attached, press the tail button to turn the flashlight on, so charging can begin. The light (near the charging port) will glow red if the battery is charging. Green means the battery is fully charged. Yellow means the battery is NOT charging (press the on/off switch on the tail).

User Interface

The T30 features two switches; one on the tail (On/Off) and the mode switch on the body (near the head). Once the T30 is on, simply press and release the mode switch to cycle through the various modes.

Low Mode – 4 Lumens and will run for 470 hours.

Middle Mode – 60 Lumens and will run for 35 hours

High Mode – 380 Lumens and will run for 5 hours and 10 minutes.

Turbo Mode – 1,000 Lumens and will run for 2 hours and 30 minutes.

Strobe Mode – press and hold the mode switch for 1 second to go to the Strobe mode.

SOS Mode – while in the Strobe Mode, press and release the mode switch to go to the SOS mode.
Press and release the mode switch (while in SOS mode) to return to Low mode.

Beam Profile

On Turbo mode (manufacturer rated at 1,000 Lumens) the T30 is rated to reach out 510 meters.

In real-world usability I can say, from my own experience, that the T30 will throw enough light to make a difference out to 350 yards or so, and it easily lights up a reflective street sign that is a measured 482 yards from the end of my driveway. I can’t see that sign at all (it is a small street sign) during the daytime (without using binoculars) and only see the green reflection at night, and then only when using a very powerful light.

The T30 throws a ridiculous distance for such a small flashlight, but the beam isn’t just a narrow ring of light blasting through the darkness. The T30 also has a good amount of spill light that gives ample visibility up close too – making it the perfect choice for nighttime walks, checking out those outside noises that jolted you awake, or any other use that a person could have.

The light seems fairly neutral to my eyes – not warm, but not bluish cool either. I find it very pleasant and very effective for my needs. There is a center hot spot – that gradually fades into the much wider spill light that helps illuminate a lot of space.

In some of the included pictures, you might be able to see an outer ring of light (well beyond the cone of light that is easily visible). This outer ring is narrow in width and not always noticeable. I’ve never noticed it in low mode, but have seen it in medium mode and up. It is more noticeable in Turbo mode, but even then it can go unnoticed. I’m not sure what causes it, but I think it could be a reflection off the stainless steel head. To me it isn’t an issue, but I mention it because some users might find it an issue.


After using the T30 every day for several weeks now, I still lean to my first impression: it’s a very sexy flashlight. While I was originally drawn to its looks, I am now drawn more by its abilities and features. I love the size, the way it feels in my hand, and the user-interface, but mostly I love the way it shreds the darkness.

The only change I’d want is to make the clip just a tad less stiff. OK, maybe I’d do away with the tactical ring but I’m not sure about that.

I think the designers/engineers at Orcatorch nailed it when they created the T30. It is such an incredible bang for the buck that I can’t help but feel a bit like I’m Billy Mays shouting out some late-night infomercial – “it cuts, it slices, it dices, it steams, it cleans, it hammers, it…”

In reality the T30 doesn’t do any of those things, but what it does do; it does with elegant proficiency. And it looks great too.

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I just read this post once again and impressed this sentence "I charged one of the 18650 batteries with the included charger and the other while in the flashlight (using the included usb cord), I didn’t time either, but it seems that the charger was a bit faster." 

Anyone else wants to verify it?

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