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DB Custom wrote:
I closed the bank account today, 10 days before it was scheduled to end, and sent a Cashier’s Check to the Oakridge Baptist Church in Portland Texas. They have been doing a lot of work with the people in Aransas county that suffered the direct hit of Hurricane Harvey. The members of the church are still helping with the demolition and rebuild of damaged houses from the hurricane itself, as well as flood damage. I called first and the lady I spoke with was obviously an older lady of the church and she was VERY appreciate of direct help to them at the church. I can see how so many people bring goods and the church members have to stock everything, then remove it to dispurse. So the good people of the church have been working their tails off trying to keep up with it all.

I wrote a letter to go with the check ($1000.95), explaining to some degree our forum and how we use our lights, but of course all credit goes to Budget Light Forum and our Admin, SB.

Thank you all for your support in this, I wish you could hear the gratitude in the lady’s voice that she expressed. It was pretty overwhelming and put tears in my eyes, made it difficult to speak….

Thanks for doing this Dale, and for your hard work on this. Sorry for the grief that has been caused

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Thank you, Dale.

DB Custom
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Thank Y’all, it was my pleasure to help, to be able to make someone’s day. I really feel that these folks have been in over their heads due simply to their proximity, and being the kind of people they are they’ve been more than willing to help in any way possible. It’s a long road, I sure hope everyone remembers that and continues to help where help is needed.

When I spoke with the lady at the church about all the movie stars and their big contributions, reportedly tens of millions of dollars, the lady kind of laughed, that’s all well and good but we sure didn’t see any of that here, at ground zero. And therein lies the rub, where does all that go? Salvation Army, Red Cross, I’m sure it’s distributed somewhere but probably has to be signed up for and stuff like that, those poor folks with no home at all, Hurricane damaged property, how do they “sign up”?


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