Imalent DT70 short review

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Imalent DT70 short review

Hello everybody!

In this short review, I would like to show you this little monster. For a full, detailed review you’ll find my blog, the site has a google translator.


Brand: Imalent
Model: DT70
Emitter: 4x Cree XHP70 (factory dedomed)
Luminous Flux: 16000LM
Luminous Intensity: 123000cd
Color temperature: 6500K
Body material: alumínium
Lens: Glass with AR coating
Reflector: Aluminium (OP)
Switch: Electronic
Battery: 4× 18650 (accessories)
Mode: 7 (low, medium, high, turbo, strobe, location beacon, SOS)
Rechargeable: Yes, micro USB
Waterproof Standard: IPX-8

The imalent DT70 comes in a beautiful hard cardboard box. The box already shows the quality. Oops, it’s a mistake. 20LM is on the box. But that’s not so ?!

Accessories are full list. We get 4 battery 18650, belt case, additional sealing ring, instruction manual in English and Chinese and a USB -micro USB charging cable.

Handling is quite clear. There are two pushbuttons. One of them was a standby symbol, the other was a high beam symbol known as the car.

Pressing the standby button will turn on the last used brightness. Next step is to go up one mode. Available modes: low, medium, high. Press and hold the button to turn off.

The high beam button has several functions. If the flashlight is on, briefly pressing the OLED display shows the battery voltage. When the flashlight is off, it is approx. Pressing for 0.5 seconds will light up to maximum 16000 lumens. Release the button off. Press and hold the button for approx. 3 seconds goes to the turbo mode and remains on.

The high beam button double-clicks enters the blinking group. First, the fixed frequency stroboscope switches on. Again double-click and step the SOS morse flashing. Another double click and step to location beacon mode (approx. flashing up every 3 seconds). Clicking three on the switch will go one step backwards.

The OLED display always indicates the current brightness of the current mode. In the blinking group, STR (strobe), SOS, BEA (location beacon) indicates the mode. If it overheats, it will indicate a small triangle symbol.
The built-in charger worked fine. The total power consumption is 1.75A, which results in a very slow charge. At the end of the charge, it is completely disconnected, no additional power consumption. The battery I measured was 4.19V voltage, perfect result!

Let’s look at more interesting things. For example, how is it warming up.

It can operate in low and medium mode, it does not heat up too much. It is held in high mode for almost two minutes, then the thermal protection switches on and resets the brightness. After that, its temperature is stagnant, it is slowly warming up. In turbo mode, approx. 1.5 minutes, then thermal protection switches on. Higher internal temperature remains and keeps growing steadily.

Two main pieces can be disassembled by the imalent DT70.

The big head is not too complicated. Weight 305 grams.

The factory-dedomed Cree XHP70 LEDs are perfectly centered. I could not get rid of the driver. I did not want to ruin it Big Smile
The body is not too complicated. Interesting is the battery’s bottom connector. So far, I have not met such a solution. It worked reliably, but it is a question of whether it will be long-lasting. I would have been glad to have a spiral spring.

The four included batteries are Imalent MRB-186P30. Their capacity is 3000mAh, they are protected. I put them in the battery charger and measured their real capacities. Fortunately, all right, they did not lie! Measured values were between 3029-3087 mAh.

I know everybody is interested in beamshot pictures. It was difficult to choose an opponent, I did not have such a crazy flashlight. But I found a solution Smile
I’m not a professional photographer, and with the usual setting the pictures are burnt, the brightness is too high. The solution has been reduced by shutter speed, but it does not give the real view of the photo. Here, it is mainly the proportions to look at.

Competitors: Volvo XC90 FULL-LED headlamps, Imalent DT70 and Convoy L6. The small Imalent DT70 has made almost daylight at a distance of 100m. It was interesting to experience this from a flashlight.

Larger area and 200m is the target. It does not appear in the pictures, but the 200m is no problem for the car or the Imalent DT70. It is clearly visible on the proportions that the bright lightweight Convoy L6 is tangled with them.
Comparison of dimensions:

It’s easier to carry the DT70 than the XC90 Cool

NCR18650B, Convoy C8, Imalent DT70, Convoy L6.

Do not lie to the manufacturer, crazy brightness with the Imalent DT70 flashlight. Its quality is fine, its handling is easy to use. Built-in charging works well, and thermal protection is also done. Unfortunately, great brightness is available for a short time, but the 1-2 minutes surprise everyone.
Link to the product:
Imalent DT70 on GearBest
Imalent DT70 on BangGood

Thank you for reading!

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That light is CRAZY bright!
Nice review, now I want one of these too.
I must say that after having been around here for so long and accumulating so many “ordinary” lights to fill my every need, all that is left for me to look forward to are lights like yours.

From your pictures, and I understand that you had to mute the brightness levels with your shutter speed just so you could get a meaningful comparison, it would appear that the DT70 smokes the Convoy L6 in both throw and flood. And size and shape wise is much easier to carry. The Convoy L6 is a highly regarded light around here, but looks like a toy in comparison.

Nice car too, btw

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I like this light as well & awaiting the big brother DX80! Your review is appreciated!