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Fenix HL60R

My name is Eryk. I am writing reviews in Polish.
Reviews I translate – google translator.

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The manufacturer received a significant role because he agreed to share a flashlight for testing – http://www.fenixlight.com/ProductMore.aspx?id=2201&tid=27&cid=2
Thank you very much for the opportunity to test the Fenix ​​HL60R front torch, especially since it is one of the few Fenix ​​models with a neutral LED.

Marketing principles have remained unchanged for years, the product must be recognizable among others. by brand, logo, or packaging. HL60R box colors are already known from other models. From the front, of course, besides the large “HL60R”, the smaller “Neutral white LED” is great! There is also a transparent window, which allows us to admire the beauty of the flashlight on the shelf!

The sides of the package are classic, some basic information. Probably Fenix ​​has produced more HL60R black cases and to save on cost, the box included photos of the black HL60R.

The back of the package hides some technical information + a table with honest data (well we know that this is not the rule)

In packaging:
- USB cable,
- headband + plastic element to connect the whole
- user manual,
- Warranty Card,
- Fenix ​​ARB-L18-2600 18650

Instruction manual is available in many languages, in this official we do not find Polish, of course we have English version

People who buy a flashlight in Poland, shop Kolba.pl will receive their own instruction manual, unfortunately quite poorly translated and with many errors. I will try to improve the manual

Most manufacturers to install their flashlight in the band uses rubber elements. In the HL60R this piece is made of plastic and as far as this seems to be pretty well made (but not crazy), I would advise to equip in spare. The flashlight will fall, another unpleasant situation, it may be different and we can stay with the flashlight in the palm of your hand.

From the rear, fine ribs, which are used to set the incline of the flashlight, in this case we are sure that this element is eternal. wink

The headband is very pleasant to the touch, soft and comfortable. If we do not intend to run this flashlight, jump, do quick movements on the head, just walk, work, etc. we do not need to install additional strap. Just tighten the strap

Front of the beautiful sand color of the housing. This picture poorly reflects true color. From the top it is fast with AR coatings secured by slightly protruding ring. Below the small size OP reflector and beautiful, neutral XM-L2 diode, very nicely centered

On the sides two red diodes

Twisted Torx enclosure

At the top of the building is the inscription Fenix ​​HL60R, plus and minus – signs indicating the direction of insertion of the link, while on the most prominent part the inscription “HOT”, and here indeed, he has the right to be.

At first glance, the elements that look like screw caps look like we have the option to insert both sides of the link, nothing more wrong! On the plus side of the wheel there is a whole “control panel”, a button with a clear, perceptible click, to change the mode we do not need to tear both hands, with good tension of the band there is no problem to move on the head

And USB port. Eraser very good quality to take it out of the port to charge you need eg nails, it is difficult to remove it (that’s right), fit all USB cables (for some flashlights we need a longer plug)

Charging current – about 0.8-0.9A – that is about 4h to full charge. During charging the red LEDs flash at 0.5Hz

On the other side, we find a true cap. The arrow with the word “OPEN” shows how to unscrew to get to the link wink

Screw with delicate knitting, easy to unscrew

The thread, thick, well made, does not cause twisting problems even when dealing with longer links. Unfortunately, we do not even know a bit of the grease at the factory … I could not watch and listen, I had to lubricate the thread. After lubrication, I recommend to take care of the band when replacing the link – we can easily stain it

The spring is well made, hard and thick

The Fenix ​​18650 2600mAh battery is included in the torch, secured for travel

Tuba tube with pattern and delicate bumps

In the end, the driver, or one of the most important elements!
The driver has reverse polarity protection (not checked), temperature sensor (I did not find this information in the manual, but it is), which not so much affect the performance of the driver, and simply reduces the mode when it gets too warm.

The controller has two pre-low voltage warning systems programmed.

The first is:
On the disabled lantern we do one quick click and:
- voltage 4.2 to 3.8V – 3 white flashes
- voltage 3.8 to 3.5V flashes red, white, … and so a total of 3 times
- voltage 3.5V and less, three red flashes

The second way to warn is when the voltage drops by about 3.1V, the flashlight will start flashing additionally red LEDs and flashlight will start to burst modes. Of course, if you have a secure link, of course, the security will at some point find “STOP”, I’ll end the job, but for unlabeled cells, below 3V the flashlight will break down to the lowest (but not red) mode and it will stay lit until too low. for the work of the diode.

Press the button for 0.5s, the flashlight will turn on in the last stored mode (last mode memory). We change modes with single clicks, let’s start with the lowest one: Red Light:
- Red Light 1lm, 0.02A
- Eco (moon) 5lm, 0.02A
- Low (low) 50lm, 0.1A
- Medium (mid) 150lm, 0.27A
- High (high) 400lm, 0.9A
- Turbo 950lm, 3A (I like honesty, tested before Fitorch was feeding 1180lm in the highest mode, the measurement from the cell showed only 2.5A Huh? !!!)

In my view, the modes are perfectly balanced, with each subsequent click showing a noticeable change in brightness.
However, I am missing a few options here, we can not immediately switch to Eco or Turbo mode. For example, we need to light for a while, we have to turn on the flashlight, get through all the modes and turn on TURBO, and on the way still count a few, because the modes are quite a lot.
In another situation, we are in the forest, in about a few others, we want to switch to Eco Mode to light ourselves, we can not, we have to plan ahead and leave the flashlight best in Red Light mode. Why best in this mode? The flashlight has no protection against accidental inclusion, every time I throw the flashlight into my backpack I left it in the lowest mode, Red Light. It would be dangerous if the backpack accidentally turned on Turbo mode.
Throwing a flashlight into a backpack, etc., the safest thing to do is to simply unscrew the cap lightly, and then fix the problem to prevent accidental switching on.
The torch has no problem with flat-panel, secure, or even USB (ie long) ports, a huge plus.

7 hours 30 minutes of testing (ie the charts themselves)
I mentioned that the flashlight has a temperature sensor. Standing in place when TURBO mode is activated, after about 6-7 minutes (at room temperature 22 ° C), the flashlight will reach the housing temperature of about 52 ° C and cut the mode to High, and so remain until the end of the measurement. Just one click to get back to Turbo mode, we do not have to clutter through all the modes, and this very good information, again reaching about 52 ° C will drop to High

More tests have been conducted by testing the flashlight at the fan, thus preventing it from reaching over 50 ° C. The measurement I made on the Samsung INR18650-35E, Sayno NCR18650GA, Fenix ​​ARB-L18-3500U USB link – the difference in the chart for these three cells with a capacity of about 3400-3500mAh is the size of the measurement error.
I made another test for the link attached to the Fenix ​​ARB-L18-2600 flashlight, a 2600mAh secured cell. For this link the graph looked a bit worse, but we have to bear in mind however the lower capacity. We must remember that such a difference will be difficult to notice.

The weight of the torch with the band (without the headband) is about 100 grams, a lot to admit. With a link it is already close to 145-150 grams. Something for something – work in TURBO mode without time cut, or cut off time and smaller dimensions.

Not only did I like the flashlight, Mruczek also wink

Comparison to Skilhunt H02 New

Here is the Acebeam EC35

Matte Acebeam EC35 (just a shame with cold LED) and Fenix ​​HL60R – beautiful … ie a great combination!

Field shooting, camera settings ISO-200, f / 2, 2s, white balance – Fluorescent H
Fenix ​​HL60R, beautiful light distribution, wide, and far!

Skilhunt H02 New, cooler but also very nice, is a bit wider, but closer (other TIR optic vs spotlight with Fenix ​​HL60R)

Only for comparison color 4000K with:
EAGTEC PX30LC2-R XP-L Hi (Medium Mode)

Sunree Zengto3

And again Fenix ​​HL60R

And warm Sunree Zengto3

Full size photos:

My YouTube review:

A few words to summarize:
Neutral LED + good driver, I think I could end up on that wink
Of course, if we do not have anything to hang around, we have to find something! In terms of performance quality, color (this is not another dull black torch), driver performance, here is very good. 400lm mode for daily work, walks etc. and 950lm (real) for more demanding situations.
Some disadvantages will always find for me: mass (the competition often has lighter flashlights), no possibility to immediately switch to Eco or Turbo mode (we have to bend all modes), plastic flashlight – but they give a better sense of security.
For the last week, day in day was with me Fenix ​​HL60R. Sometimes, if we go deeper, the flashlight will slip off of my head, I do not use the extra strap – he’ll do the trick. Most attracted me not the color of the casing, appearance, and the color of the light / diodes. In many other lanterns, the manufacturer offers either a 4000K or 6500K cold diodes, of course, such as Skilhunt, with the Neutral LED, but their Neutral at the HL60R is a bit cooler than neutral, but pretty.
The graphs speak clearly below 50 ° C Turbo to the very end, especially when we ride the bike after night, I always had a manager on one or two flashlights, I always missing the side lights, now riding bikes looks much nicer, we just have to watch out for people, nobody He would not like to see 1000lm pointing straight into his eyes wink

I often like to complain about some flashlights: driver, cold LED, performance, etc. here I have basically everything: good performance, beautiful color, completely different color of the flashlight, and efficient driver, honestly, I think no one will order Fenix ​​flashlight HL60R will not be disappointed, or at least should not wink

I encourage you to ask questions!

Successful shopping !

And yet another small gallery:

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