Review WUBEN I333 Black Vulture - Iron Man

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Review WUBEN I333 Black Vulture - Iron Man

My name is Eryk. I am writing reviews in Polish.
Reviews I translate – google translator.

Link to original:,63014.0.html

Flashlight for testing was provided by the manufacturer:
Currently not available in Banggood or Gearbest.

Remember old VHS tapes? The I333 packaging is very closely related to VHS cartridges, is there any reference to tradition? Made of hard material covered with something resembling gum – very pleasant

The “door” on the door is a manual. The packaging at least in the test version is very rich:
Wuben I333 torch
- 2 Oringa backups
- great quality USB cable with braid with metal tips
- 2600mAh cell – the cell is so wide that it does not fit in many other flashlights
- lanyard (well done, quite rigid, I tried to use it, but it is just too long, can serve as a spare string)
- user manual

Looking at the Internet for information on this model I was often compared to “Iron Man”. Its appearance is quite different from the classic flashlights we know, or pretty? I leave this to your opinion

The specification indicates that the LED used is XP-L. My copy has XP-L Hi.
The metallic lace, the fast lacquered coating, the smooth SMO spotlight and the perfectly centered LED give the impression that we are dealing with a really interesting flashlight. Looking more closely, unfortunately on the headlight we find small ferns, it’s sad

I do not know how you, but I love metal lace

On the head itself, apart from the “hot” stamp and probably the serial number, there are no other elements – no matter the pattern Smiley

On the long middle tube the producer has placed a button to change modes with the word “W” from the Wuben brand. The built-in LED indicates the charge status of the cell and thus allows you to easily locate the button at night. Rubber seems to be of good quality. Sam’s click is very pleasant. Definitely one of the better ones that I had the opportunity to test, accurate with a very distinctive click.

On the other hand a USB port. Sincerely? I would rather not have him here. The flashlight survived a brief dip in the water, but I do not know what to do with it. The charging current is typically around 0.8A.

On one “side” of the center tube the manufacturer’s logo – Wuben Since 1981, underlined by a special “pattern”

On the other side the same pattern, but the inscription – I333 POWER INDICATOR

Rear switch protected by hard, good quality rubber. It works very much like Convoys, but it’s harder – I like it Smiley

Thread well made, abundantly greased with thick silicone O-ring. Those who had flashlights with such an oring know what that means – the flashlight is getting very hard! Angled clip obstructs. It was easy to hurt my fingers, I did not pull him, but during a few days of testing, I often fingered him

Inside nice and neatly done. There is no problem even with normal cells without protruding plus such as Sayno NCR18650GA.

The control is quite unusual, in the sense that the modes change backwards (as in the tested JETBeam eg C8 Pro, E20R …). Click on the cap turns on the flashlight, the side changes modes.
They operate in the Turbo, High, Medium, Low, Moon loop.
With Moon mode there is a problem. I just do not work. Sometimes the light is on lightly, in the dark you can see that the diode gets the minimum amount of current so small that the light does not bounce off even my hand – I always leave my flashlight in the lowest mode and here I have a problem, because in this mode I have no light and Next click is TURBO, so I leave low.

Strobe and SOS are available. We do fast two-click activated Strobe, the next two-clique and we have SOS
It’s not everything. By holding down any button, in which mode more than 1 second, the instantaneous TURBO mode is activated. I admit that in the daily use of this flashlight this option is very useful. We do not have to click through all modes, just hold a moment and the flashlight goes into instant TURBO mode (as long as we hold the button).

The LED is built in. It serves as a locator (with moon mode not working) and as a charge indicator for the cell.
From 4.2 to 3.7V lit blue
From 3.7V to 3.5V lit red
From 3.5 to 2.85V flashes red and 2.85V is the voltage at which the flashlight turns off – thus protecting against low voltage (rarely seen).

The center tube does not twist, the controller is built in black plastic, the spring is rather soft, there should be no problem connecting. The flashlight should also have protection against reverse polarity, I do not see such a position in the manual and I have not tested it, believe it is just a formality.

According to the manufacturer after 20 minutes should be a drop in brightness, the graph is not very noticeable. Stabilization very similar to other 1×18650 powered flashlights equipped with a diode, among others. XP-L

Large dimensions are large weight, up to 144 grams without cell!

I333 next to Acebeam EC35 and JETBeam C8 Pro, I333 is a terribly big flashlight

Photos in the field, camera settings ISO-200, f / 2, 2s

Wuben I333 XP-L Hi TURBO

EAGTAC PX30LC2-R XP-L Hi warm (do not pay attention to the color, I did not change the camera settings)

Acebeam EC35 XP-L TURBO

Full size photos:

A few words of summary.
In my opinion this is a very neat flashlight. It is difficult to determine its specific application, maybe the plate for Iron Man fans?
When evaluating performance, it’s fine (the clip only bounces), black matte, fat oring (too thick), great clocks, internal quality, and even somehow I can not really complain about the controller (not counting the broken moon and the changing modes “backwards “Which not everyone will like) is also suitable performance, hidden modes, etc.
Appearance, as for me, completely undermines the meaning of this model. The pocket is too big, Thrower is not, the backpack will occupy more space than smaller flashlights with similar or even better parameters.
Although the driver is better than many of the lanterns I tested, the quality of the performance is good, it’s not the model I would like to put on the shelf or take with me to …

And what is your opinion?


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Nice review, thanks! Big Smile

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Yes, nice review Thumbs Up

Looks like they put a lot of effort on the packaging, thus increasing the final cost of the product.

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What’s the deal about the “ferns”? I’m not sure I understand. In fact, I’m sure I don’t. Big Smile

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@AgentSteel, I’m the same. I am glad that Wuben did not copy the packaging from another company – it’s great!

@Lightbringer, I meant that it is not perfectly clean