King Kong 26650 is HARDCORE! 4525mAh and it's first cycle only!

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Been taking your advice nightcrawl and I’ve since purchased several leads and cables, including some pretty thick copper cables.

Seems now for the most part to be giving me accurate readings, bar my Trustfire TR-3T6 which I’m only getting 2.10amps off 2 cells (3A off 1 cell), which means it’s under performing (compared to other reviewers readings) or I still don’t have good enough cables to measure higher amps or it’s the DMM I have. Kind of driving me a little crazy

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This is when protected batteries come in handy

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so how are these doing long term?
i noticed there has been no improvements in capacity on new ones.
i guess they dont want to mess with a good thing?
my math says we could have 7200mah in a 26650 now….
whateverfires dont count.