JETBeam Niteye TH20 1*18650 3450lm XHP70.2

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JETBeam Niteye TH20 1*18650 3450lm XHP70.2

My name is Eryk. I am writing reviews in Polish.
Reviews I translate – google translator.

Link to original:,63042.0.html

Some time ago JETBeam sent the TH20 model before the official launch, but unfortunately through a small manufacturer failure, my test appears only now –

Available in Gearbest: (my reflink) and discount code: TH20
Interested people can also sign up –
I expect an even better price.

I encourage you to familiarize yourself with my other reviews of JETBeam flashlights:
C8 Pro –
E20R –

The design of the packaging is very much related to the models tested for 2017, and no wonder. What should attract us most attention is information about 3450lm with 1 * 18650, LED XHP70.2 and the ability to work at -20 ° C (but it is rather unusual for most torches).

In the package we will find:
- Niteye JETBeam TH20 torch
- well done holster
- instruction manual, warranty card and certificate
- spare oring
- 2600mAh high-rate (unprotected)
- lanyard for wrist

I like the departure of JETBeam from the boring black color – I do not know the colors, but this one is – nice Smiley

Front metal lace, slightly darker than the rest of the flashlight

JETBeam TH20 is available with SMO and OP reflectors. It was fast with AR coatings, both SMO and OP headlights are perfectly clean, the LED is XHP70.2 unfortunately with cold color

SMO – pure, but not smooth, you can see the light refraction, not like the Nitecore, but the EAGTAC is still missing, but still looks great

OP also made great, the LED centered perfectly

Visible cutouts are great – they do a great job of preventing the torch from rolling, for example from a table. At the height of the controller and the diodes visible ribs, the edges are nicely made, more noticeable than the last tested FiTorch MR35

Center tube is information about the brand, model and very, very delicate knitting, almost unnoticed under the finger

JETBeam prides itself on a 3-button patent. In fact, these are two buttons. This “big” is used to turn on the flashlight, and flat on its sides to change modes. Before I picked up these flashlights I was convinced that the modes would be changed in both directions (two buttons), but unfortunately it is not. Forward switch – works with a lot of resistance, much larger than Convoy, for example, it is also quite loud. Side buttons for changing modes, working quietly and also quite hard

Threads, thick, well made and greased, without anodizing

Switch – this is why I have two flashlights – with SMO and OP reflectors. At the very top I wrote about the “manufacturer’s fault”, what was it? Incorrectly designed switch. The left one, with blue elements, unfortunately damaged switch.
He had a factory defect, literally after a few hours he broke down. The torch with this switch is unstable in low mode, it can not be changed.

For those who order JETBeam TH20 (or have already done so), if you receive a flashlight with this switch, you can expect its failure in a short time

I wrote to JETBeam that the flashlight stopped working, I made some basic tests, I recorded a movie and described the situation, checked the switch and driver, came to the conclusion – defective switch. A few days later after his redesign, instead of sending a repaired switch, they sent the entire torch – I checked it with an old torch, and in fact, he is the culprit of the whole situation.
So, if the flashlight comes to you with a black switch, it means that you have the correct version. I think that only those copies will come to the stores – but I know it can be different.

It has all the major features:
- Protect the cell from being too deep, at about 3-3.1V we will not be able to turn on the highest brightness (instructions give less than 10% charge of the cell) until the lowest mode (to which the flashlight will not shoot if it turns off in eg medium, we have to turn off and turn on the flashlight and switch to lower mode at about 2.8V will turn off completely
- overheating protection – despite the overwhelming attempts to exceed the 60 ° C barrier on the housing it is almost impossible
- reverse polarity protection (not tested or working)
- last mode memory
- hidden turbo (with bug)
- cells with flat gain

- when the flashlight is off, pressing one of the side clicks immediately activates the stroboscope mode, if it is held for more than 1 second and the button is released, it will continue until the next click
- turn on the flashlight, it will start the last mode remember (or if we replace the cell in 1900lm mode)
- single clique change modes in loop: Turbo 1900lm, High 650lm, Medium 130lm, Low 15lm

Without doing any other key combinations, each time the flashlight will work just like that. What about this TURBO 3450lm?
We activate it by doing a quick 3-click on one of the side buttons. And if we do this in Turbo 1900lm mode, 3450lm mode will be activated (if this is allowed) and then in loop instead of 1900lm mode, will be 3450lm mode, and if in such a low we make 3 clicks (and we did not do that before and 1900lm mode), this flashlight will flash, but when you switch to Turbo mode 1900lm, the 3450lm mode will start immediately.
Can we turn it off? Yes and no. This is the error of this mode.
We have activated 3450lm mode and we want to turn it off. We make fast 2-pin in 3450lm mode and the torch will switch to 1900lm mode. Unfortunately, if we turn off the flashlight, we will switch to lower mode and then return to TURBO, it will not turn on 1900lm and 3450lm.
And if the 18650 is charged, 2 kilowatts will return to 1900, and now the 3450lm option can be activated with 2 or 3 quick clicks.
Trivia: if the link reaches 3.7V it does not work 2-click to 3450lm and only 3-click Smiley .
There is still a stroboscope mode when the torch is on – hold one of the side buttons for more than 1 second, if we release, the flash will turn off.

I have several links in my home, I checked whether the flashlight can actually reach these 3450lm. I tested both on safety and without. It turned out that even the EAGTAC 3500mAh link with declared protection up to 8A only works for 6 seconds. Surprisingly, for me, the Wuben T103 flashlight cell – a secure high-speed cell – works.
Where is the “-” at 3450lm, if you have a secured link and turn on the TURBO mode, you will not turn on the torch with this link. You have to unscrew the cap and reinsert it – only reset the 3450lm to 1900lm mode in which your protected cell will work.
In my opinion, well thought out – well, it starts at a lower level.

Graphs were made using the phone app –
The phone is not a professional test device, so we can accept their correctness with a few percent error.

Turbo 1900lm, the manufacturer declares a drop to 65% (does not specify whether the mode is 3450lm or 1900lm), according to the test after about 1 minute is reduced to about 63% – that is correct Smiley , it is simple to say that it is about 1200lm – perfectly flat for just over an hour Smiley

And here is the same test, but for 3450lm mode, it’s up to 100%, or 3450lm I made out of curiosity, whether in this mode will also work + – 1 minute, and so it was. Then drop to around 36-37% – ie + – 1200lm. Everything is correct Smiley

In this test for 100% I adopted for the second turbo chart 3450lm, and for the first turbo 1900lm. The graphs overlap, the longer running time for Turbo 3450lm can result simply from the better condition of the link (not new)

Using the “Lux Meter” application and calculating the brightness of each mode, I compared the measurements to 3450lm and they look very promising. For 1900lm, 650lm and 130lm modes – they are very close. Only mode 15lm percent deviates significantly from the rest of the measurements. This may be due in large part to the inaccuracy of the measuring device – telephone

The table looks different if the results compare to the lowest mode, ie 15lm. Sincerely? I do not think even 1900lm mode is much brighter than 1000lm from other flashlights like the Fenix TK25 R & B, and according to this table it’s just over 1200lm. I am able to believe in the truth of the previous measurement.

I often complain that producers even in expensive products are not able to offer inscriptions in line to cutouts, buttons, etc. I do not know if the middle tube in the TH20 is glued (rather yes) or is one part of aluminum, but it just looks like excellently !

Size comparison to:

The TH20 switch at E20R does not seem so small at all Smiley

EAGTAC S25L-R and Niteye E20R

EAGTAC, although slightly larger, is much lighter than JETBeam TH20 (TH20 has thick walls), the weight of which without a cell is 235 grams, with a cell of about 280.

Field shooting, camera settings ISO-200, f / 2, 1s, white balance – Fluorescent H
In the highest modes, the images appear to be slightly overexposed, the light in the forest is very much, and I think the range is still slightly better than the one seen in the photos.
JETBeam TH20 SMO 3450lm

JETBeam TH20 SMO 1900lm

JETBeam TH20 SMO 650lm

JETBeam TH20 SMO 130lm

JETBeam TH20 SMO 15lm

JETBeam TH20 SMO 3450lm (for comparison only)

JETBeam TH20 OP 3450lm

JETBeam TH20 OP 1900lm

Fenix TK25 R & B

Nitecore EC4 mod – XM-L2 U2 3C

Field shooting, camera settings ISO-200, f / 2, 2s, white balance – Fluorescent H

JETBeam TH20 SMO 3450lm

JETBeam TH20 OP 3450lm

JETBeam TH20 SMO 1900lm

JETBeam TH20 OP 1900lm

FenixTK25 R & B

Nitecore EC4 mod – XM-L2 U2 3C

JETBeam TH20 OP 3450lm

JETBeam TH20 OP 1900lm

JETBeam TH20 OP 650lm

Nitecore EC4 mod – XM-L2 U2 3C

Full size photos:

Some words of summary:
Starting with the selection of the headlight – in my opinion better choice will be SMO, in the pictures it can not see, but it offers a slightly better range, the light “sideways” is enough anyway.
Flash, where there are two buttons for changing modes – I hope to control the forward / reverse modes, it turns out that they work only one way – back.
Driver – simple, very easy to use, I do not know why JETBeam stubbornly goes in the mode of control from the highest to the lowest. Remember to Turbo 3450lm mode, where really good links are required – weaker links with security may not work in 3450lm mode. The manufacturer is a great solution, inserting a “new” link, starts from 1900lm, so should not be a problem. We can complain that the turbo 1900 / 3450lm does not work flat to the end of the link – apparently so high current can, in a short time finish the driver, flat 1200lm is very much light, without the need to change the modes can again raise to Turbo – fast 3-clique.
Look – for me uncompromising quality of work, beautiful design, and this color … fantastic flashlight!

I remembered a Klarus G20 torch, a smaller size torch, and a very efficient driver, and I remember Klarus was squealing in the highest modes. TH20 does not have this problem. Due to the dimensions of the G20, it is very light, very close, the TH20 is a bigger reflector and of course the better range. I am convinced that soon TH20 will appear at a price similar to Klarus G20 available with discount codes.

I have to point out some disadvantage, it will not be easy, especially since I like JETBeam products (maybe outside of C8 Pro test) as for me there are three:
- weight, about 280 grams of 1 * 18650? This is definitely too much,
Despite the two buttons to change modes, these only work in one direction.
- cold diodes only

You like a lot of light “under your feet” TH20 is a very good choice! Smiley , Follow the BLF forum for better price. If I find a better proposal – I will put it on top.

Successful shopping !
Best regards

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Thanks for the review and beautiful beamshots.
Do you think there is much difference in throw better OP and SMO version?

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The difference between OP and SMO is not big. SMO is just a little better distance.

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When order from Banggood or Gearbest, which reflector do they sell?


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For TH20, they made 2 improvements after the first batch based on customers’ feedback and suggestions.

In the first batch, users have to start the high-rate battery mode and achieve the highest lumens in below way:

When the light is powered with a high-rate 18650 battery, short pressing either of the secondary buttons quickly for 3 times, the TH20 will start high-rate battery mode. User can achieves max output of 3450 lumens by short pressing either of the secondary buttons.

Then most of our customers said pressing three times quickly is too complicated for them to operate. And they wish to directly get the highest 3450 lumens after the high-rate battery mode started.

Thus, we have taken their feedback and simplified the operation to below:

When the light is powered with a high-rate 18650 battery, short pressing either of the secondary buttons quickly for twice or more, the TH20 achieves max output of 3150 lumens.

Also, to balance the high lumens and overheating problem, we have adjusted the highest output from 3450 to 3150 lumens.