Olight M2R review(1500 lm, XHP35 HD CW+NW, 18650)

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Olight M2R review(1500 lm, XHP35 HD CW+NW, 18650)

Hi all,

This review will be dedicated to newest tactical flashlight from Olight, the Olight M2R.

So, what is interesting about this light?

  • Build in charger, for every 18650 and not only proprietary Olights.
  • New LED, not record breaking but very solid 1500 lm brightness.
  • Tactical model, extremely robust (see the video at the end of the review).
  • Programmable turbo modes, first time I see such feature from Olight !!!

Link to the flashlight on Olight website

Shall we begin?

The flashlight comes in a rather small carton box. As you can see, the NW version is differentiated by a special sticker, no dedicated box for that version

The first thing you see when you open the box is a warning regarding the need to charge the light, and small programming manual. The flashlight comes with a holster, lanyard, a charging cable (0.75A), user manual and some commercial of current Olight models.

The charging cable is the exact same cable as we are used to see in previous models, and so is the lanyard.

The holster is completely different from everything I saw from Olight til now. Now it’s made of somewhat smoother material, and also has two layers, with a more smooth one facing the flashlight. There is no velcro whatsoever now on the holster.

A little bit of first hand experience with the light.

Regarding programming.

When you change the flashlight from regular to enhanced tactical mode, you also change the Turbo mode, from 1100 lumens to 1500.
The light can be controlled by side button or the tail button, you can choose the one you want to use according to the situation.

The side button turns the light on and off, and also switches brightness modes and strobe mode.
The tail button is for tactical usage, and by programming we can chose how exactly it works. In regular mode it works for temp or continuous turbo mode, and in enhanced tactical mode half press turns on turbo, and full press turn on strobe mode.
The button itself has a very nice feel to it, has a relatively large range of motion, and works almost silent.
If the flashlight is on in any mode, you half press the tail button and release it the flashlight will turn off, and not come back to that previous mode.

What can I say? It is a pretty light in my opinion. Besides functional elements there are many details that are meant for decoration only, look closely at the head and tailcap of the light for some of them.
The side button is very similar to the Baton series flashlights, maybe a bit stiffer.

The neutral version has a “N” at the beginning of the serial number.

The there are gold plated springs at both ends of the battery compartment. The tailcap has a hole for attaching the tailcap.

The light feels very good in hand, not too small not too big.

The light comes with rather large clip that can be attached to the flashlight from both directions.

Let’s turn it on

1. It ain’t a thrower, the OP reflector is a good evidence of that.
2. The moonlight looks much more like 0.3 lumens than the 1 lumen declared by Olight. I like it more that way Smile .
3. It can be seen that the LED is in fact made from 4 segments.

Some numbers (lux from meter distance)

Great, you don’t have to pay lumen penalty for having a NW light.

Some real world pictures

No big difference between the CW and NW models here. The NW looks nicer to me, but the CW is not bad at all nether.

Some flashlight torture……

Conclusion, final words

A great light. The proprietary cells are not in use here, the light looks and feels great, the controls are very logical and a programming is a definite great new feature for Olight.

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thank you for the review, and the pictures! Never owned or tried an Olight, this one looks cool.

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Dang it. Just when I said no more lights.

never fear shadows…it means a light shines nearby

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aginthelaw wrote:
Dang it. Just when I said no more lights.

Yeah, but you had your fingers crossed behind your back! LOL