Please advise to me.

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Please advise to me.

I try to buy super bright flashlight for my bicycle.

I found three interesting lights.

-Klarus G20
-Acebeam EC50 gen2
-Fenix BC30R

The selection criteria are wide and flood beam.
I’ll use high mode probably most often. But G20 has only 650 lumen in high mode. I am worried about this. I tried to buy an EC50 as an alternative, but I do not sell it in my country. And
I heard that BC30R has a beam optimized for bike. but I do not like the design of this.
Which is best choice?(they are almost same price in Aliexpress).

PS. recently, i got to know about Thorfire S70S. It is incredibly cheap price and have great performance. Despite its huge size, it made selection more difficult.(sorry. not three tings. Smile )

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Go to Gearbest and Banggood and look for the Xanes brand of products. They make a lot of bike lights and their prices are pretty good. Good luck.

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S70 us too big for bike light Wink
Have put a Convoy S2+ with wide TIR optics and clear C8 (both NW) on my sons bike.
The S2+ lights close AMD C8 far.

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Have you tried to see the Towild flashlights in AliExpress? They seem to be nice for bikes! You can find some reviews on YouTube, check on them Wink
Good luck Thumbs Up

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look up

Gaciron 1600

very nice for the price.

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For bike I would not recommend one baterry flashlight because of low runtime on max…….

For now the light which comes to me is the MT01, triple 18650, very floody beam with a good amount of throw and without spedown, but……..

Haikelite seems not sopport their costumers if someone have problems with their lights they ignore and not respond Sick

For that reason I cannot recomend Haikelite, I have the MT01 and works well but for those people which have been ignorated I cannot recommend or buy their lights until this will solved.

So, I think the best choice is the BLF Q8 or if the cost dont matter, the Thrunite TN36 is the ultimate choice. In the ride conditions the amount of the air cooling is enough to hold close to highest mode both in Q8 and TN36 Big Smile

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For a bike I would use a light that has a special TIR or reflector for a high and low beam
Normal flashlight has not a good beam profile and will blind other vehicles

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Acebeam X80 and you will be a moving sun on the street lol