Astrolux MF01 - Hand-Held Flood Light

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Astrolux MF01 - Hand-Held Flood Light

[Astrolux MF01](

Note: this link is a tracking link, not an affiliate link. I do not get paid for these, the links simply help BangGood track how much interest my reviews generate.
#####Coupon Code: e04bc8
#####Price with code: $85.95

Disclaimer: BangGood asked me if I wanted to review the Astrolux MF01, and I jumped at the chance since it was on my wishlist and I had tried looking into it myself

The MF01 is my very fist “soda can” light, and let me begin by saying I’m impressed! This version is the Cree XP-G3 version, the light is also available in a Nichia 219C version.


Category| Manufacturer Spec
:—| :—
Max Lumens| 12,000 (11,526 Nichia)
Max Runtime| 3.5 hours on Turbo (Samsung 30Qs), 214h low (100/70LM)
Battery Config.| 2 × 18650/4 × 18650
Switch| Side Clicky
Working Voltage| 5.5V-9V
Peak Beam Intensity| 53960cd
Range| 450m
Waterproof| IPX-8
Weight| 500g
Size| 125mm x 72mm x 52mm (length x head x body diameter)

The Astrolux MF01 comes in a very nice, sturdy, [foil engraved box]( This should come as no surprise, most Astrolux lights come in a similar box. Inside, the light is firmly held in [custom-cut foam](, and comes with the usual [o-rings and lanyard]( I did end up modifying my lanyard to attach it to the flashlight via the cord and NOT the [small lobster clip]( as I felt that was the weakest link in the design.

###Head & Emitter
Starting at the front of the light, the optics are a custom TIR holding [18 Cree XP-G3s]( The bezel is stainless steel and holds a anti-reflective coated glass lense. The combination of the TIR and the silver bezel really gives this light a high-tech, polished look from the front.

Despite the massive number of LEDs, the TIR produces a wonderfully smooth [beam pattern](, possibly my favorite beam pattern of any or my bright lights. Astrolux says that this light produces 12,000 lumens on Turbo, and I feel like taking their word for it. Even at several feet, the heat output from the LEDs is noticeable and this light is overwhelming on turbo. The TIR does not lend itself to much in the way of throw, but due to the sheer output of light, this thing will light something up [several hundred yards away](

The body the light is sleek, but with enough [gnurling (in this case hatching)]( to provide grip. I would like a bit more aggressive gnurling, but the modified octagonal body tube, the lanyard, and what gnurling there is is definitely enough for most applications. As for calling it a “soda can light” it is nearly exactly [that size]( The various parts all fit together VERY tightly, but incredibly smoothly. The threads are squared off and robust.

The body also has a [threaded tripod mount]( with an adapter that comes with the light for different sizes. It wasn’t until I took this light outside and saw exactly how much area this lights up that I realized how amazing mounting this light as an emergency work light would be. The tripod mount does not appear to penetrate the body, so it doesn’t affect the water resistance at all.

The tailcap has [4 attachment points]( for lanyards/mounting, and is flat to allow it to tail-stand. Inside, the batteries are held in an [insert]( which wires 2 in series, and then each set in parallel. This allows the light to operate on just 2 cells, or have greater runtime with the full 4.

The switch is a [lighted, side switch]( which also gives you information on battery percentage and lockout status. The switch has a [bronze housing]( around it which looks really finished on the light. The throbbing battery indicator is a great, subtle locator as well.

The UI on this light is really intuitive. From off, a single press turns the light on in either memorized mode, or low (depending on setting). The light steps up through its brightness modes with a single press from on. Long-press from on to turn off from any mode. A double-press from of or on instantly activates Turbo. A triple-press from any mode activates Strobe, and then single presses switch through SOS, Beacon, etc.

From off, a long-press activates Lockout, which is indicated by the switch light turning off. Another long-press unlocks the light.

Moonlight is optional, and is VERY low, low enough to stare into despite 18 LEDs.

This light’s claim to fame is clearly its total lumen output. It is designed as a flood light, and it is [impressive in that role]( Sadly, pictures don’t really do justice to exactly how impressive the light output is. My family are agricultural, and I recently took the light to my cousin who is a vet at several cattle ranches. He is a typical MagLite carrier: a flashlight is a flashlight. After seeing this, and me pointing out the tripod mount, he wants a MF01 for 2am calving and emergencies. He felt that the light output would be more than enough for veterinary procedures in the field, high praise indeed.

Other than the lobster-claw on the lanyard, I am hard-pressed to find a fault with this light. I personally would have preferred the Nichia, but the Cree’s intensity is impressive. Other that the emitter preference, this is by far my favorite light.

If you need a light that can be used to illuminate a barn/campsite/worksite/etc., this would be a no-brainer. If you’re ever in a situation where you need to light up an entire area such as a parking lot or a field, this is a light for you. If you want a light that your non-flashaholic friends will finally understand your insanity, this is the light for you.

I HIGHLY recommend this light with a set of Samsung 30Qs!

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Did you say “Pocket”?

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since you say pocket, yours must be really deep pocket LOL

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I love my MF01 so much, I have no problem carrying it in my coat pocket. Big Smile

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hIKARInoob wrote:
I love my MF01 so much, I have no problem carrying it in my coat pocket. Big Smile

This is more my thoughts. It’s not really that big, actually.

That said, I was titling quickly, and “pocket” isn’t the best descriptor.

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Thanks for the review. 71.50 is cheap for this light. I got this light in Nichia last week for 78

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I have one (now faulty…) from the first batch. One of few ‘flooder kings’ with Nichia option Smile and TIR optics is doing a great job.
Though modes aren’t perfectly spaced – one more at ~2,500 lumens would be perfect. Not much difference between 700 and 1100 really. Of course I can go High/Turbo and wait for thermal stepdown (assuming it works – in cold weather I didn’t have stepdown).

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Box wrote:
Thanks for the review. 71.50 is cheap for this light. I got this light in Nichia last week for 78

I tried and the price is $85.95 as of now.
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Hmm… I’ll try to get a new coupon code.