FiTORCH P20R (Review)

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FiTORCH P20R (Review)

I’d like to thank FiTORCH for providing me with the opportunity to test/review several of their flashlights. As of this writing, the only way to buy a FiTORCH flashlight is by ordering directly from the company. That will change soon though, as FiTORCH is in the process of opening up their own Amazon store.

The name “FiTORCH” means “fine and fit” – quite appropriate given the excellent build and finish of their products.

Link to their website: fitorchworld

I normally take new flashlights over to a few friend’s houses so I can show them what’s new in my collection and in the world of flashlights. I didn’t have the FiTORCH P20R in my possession for more than a few hours when I had two offers to buy it from me. Both friends are avid deer hunters and both thought the P20R would be the perfect tool for finding their way to and from their stands in the dark.

My friends commented on the size (large enough to handle comfortably, but still capable of being carried in a pocket) the user interface (they loved it) the brightness (they couldn’t hide their excitement over the brightness) and the looks of the P20R (one said it was the best looking flashlight he had ever seen, while the other just sort of grunted about how good it looked).

Each of them offered to buy it from me – on the spot – for whatever the flashlight costs. Upon being told that I had just received it and had to do a review yet – they both offered to buy it upon the completion of my review (at full cost). Unfortunately (for me anyway) that isn’t an option either – I don’t know what the P20R costs and I have a prior arrangement (with FiTORCH) anyway. (More about that arrangement later)

I mention all of that because it somewhat amazes me. I’ve shown them dozens of flashlights from multiple name-brand companies, and while they’ve liked them all; none of those flashlights received the kind of responses that the P20R did. That is significant in my mind, because I try to approach all of my reviews from the point of the common person; the guy/gal who just wants to know that the product will work as it should, and that they’re getting a good return for their hard-earned money.

On the other hand I’m not surprised at all (by their obvious lust for the P20R). Its build quality is excellent, the user-interface is intuitive and effective, and the P20R excels at those tasks that my friends require.

In the Box

P20R flashlight


USB cord

USB coupler (for charging other devices)

Spare tail cap

Spare O-ring

Key ring


Removable Clip

Owner’s Manual

The packaging is very well done with professional graphics and shows all of the pertinent information about the product. FiTORCH put a lot of effort/thought into their packaging and their product.



Cree XP-L2

Reflector – filmed, precisely ground metal

Lens – filmed mineral glass

HA-III military spec aluminum alloy

Premium type III hard anodizing, black

Switch – tail cap and side switch

Length – 5.47 inches

Head diameter – 1 inch

Weight – 3.04 ounces (without battery)

1180 lumens – maximum output.

245 meters – maximum beam distance



Anti-roll housing, with bezel head

Coated and tempered lens; resists impacts and aids in light transmittance

Smooth, filmed, reflector – creates a high intensity beam

Waterproof – IPX-8 (2 meters)

Impact resistant to 2 meters

Recharging USB port (micro-USB)

Can be used as a power bank (rechargeable batteries only)

Battery use – 1 18650 battery, or 2 CR123A batteries, or 2 16340 batteries (batteries are not included)

Temperature Control

Battery strength indicator

Over discharge protection

Multiple systems to protect the P20R while charging (against over charging, surges, etc..)

Memory (low, medium, high modes only)

Two year Warranty


There are 5 modes – (low, medium, high, strobe, SOS).

The tail switch turns light ON/OFF

The side switch controls the modes.

Click and release side switch to cycle through modes

Press and hold side switch to enter Strobe mode. Press and hold side switch (while in strobe mode) to enter SOS mode. Press and release side switch to return to the prior regular mode (low, medium, high).

P20R turns on in the mode used when last shut off (excepting strobe and sos modes). When turned off while in strobe or SOS modes, flashlight will turn back on in the regular mode that was used prior to using strobe or SOS mode.

A partial press (tail switch) turns the light on. Fully press (and release) tail switch to keep light on. Light comes on in last mode used.

Low Mode – 30 lumens and 120 hours of run-time

Medium Mode – 300 lumens and 3.8 hours of run-time

High Mode – 1180 lumens and 1.5 hours of run-time


The P20R has a hot spot in the center of the overall beam. It transitions nicely into spill light that gives the user excellent vision over a wide area. I find the beam quality to be excellent and very pleasing.

I’d call the beam profile something of a good mix between flood and spot – perhaps geared a bit more to the flood side of things. It is excellent for a good field of view and illuminates objects, up to 150 meters or so, very well.

The light beam itself is quite neutral to my eyes – neither cool or warm. I am very fond of the color (of the light beam).


The fit and finish is excellent. The body features fine cylindrical grooves intersected by 4 horizontal grooves (larger and deeper cut) and two flattened sections (on opposing sides of the body). The tail cap also features the same fine cylindrical grooves, with 6 horizontal grooves that intersect.

The head of the P20R features much deeper cylindrical grooves (for heat dissipation and grip) and has multiple flattened areas to help against the flashlight rolling when placed on a flat surface.

I find the P20R to be very comfortable in the hand; grippy yet comforting at the same time. It is almost as though my hand is being massaged by the P20R – it really is that comfortable to me. I also find the appearance to be very appealing.

The threads are all well cut and lubed; the head/tail screws on/off the body with barely a whisper and smooth as as a newborns rear end. There are no hints of grit or other obstructions.

The tail switch is covered with a textured rubber cap. There are cut-outs on the tail to facilitate use while wearing gloves and the lanyard can be attached through one of the slots on the tail. The P20R does not tail-stand (the tail switch slightly extends past the very end of the tail). The tail switch has an audible sound when pressed and released – it is noticeably louder than the sound made by the side switch. For my tastes, the tail switch is spot-on – not too easy or mushy, and not too much resistance.

The side switch is metal (I love that) and is above the body. It has an audible click when pressed and released, but the sound is slight. I like the feel of the switch and its feedback. While on, the side switch glows green (actually a ring around the switch itself) – a feature that I happen to like quite a lot.

Opposite from the side switch is the USB charging port. It is covered with a rubber flap. Insert the micro USB cord into the port – flashlight turns on (low mode). Press and release side switch to turn light off. While charging, the ring light blinks red. Once the battery is charged, the ring light will glow green.

The ring light is also used to discern the battery’s strength: Press and hold side switch and (while still holding the side switch in) fully press and release the tail switch. Release the side switch and count the blinking green/red lights. Green equals 1 volt and red equals 1/10 volt (four green blinks and one red blink means the battery has 4.1 volts). Battery should be recharged when it drops below 3.7 volts.

The removable clip is sturdy – probably a bit more sturdy than I really want, but it isn’t very likely to come off (the body of the P20R) by accident. The spring part is also quite sturdy; usable but I would prefer it to be slightly less stout.

The included nylon holster is well made and quite a bit nicer than most included holsters. The belt loop will take a belt up to 1.5 inches in width. The loop is secured with Velcro and a snap button – allowing it to be attached (to the belt) without running the belt through the loop (a big plus in my mind).

I am partial to dual switches (side and tail) and I’m quite happy with the user-interface: it’s intuitive, simple, and effective. I think I’d prefer one more mode though – perhaps a moonlight mode, then 50 lumens, then 300 lumens, then 1180 lumens. It’s not that I dislike the current modes – they work extremely well – but I do think a moonlight mode would be very nice.

While I’m on the topic of changes I’d make, I think making the recharging port into a magnetic recharging port would be a great move. Again, that isn’t due to a flaw in the P20R; instead it’s a means of making the P20R even better.

I’ll end by saying I concur with the thoughts expressed by my friends: the P20R is a fantastic flashlight. Unfortunately (for me) I won’t be keeping this P20R, but I will be buying one of my own very soon.

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Thanks for the review. I like how you made the beamshot pictures Thumbs Up

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Nice review! Too bad there is no moonlight mode. Still looks like a decent flashlight!

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Thanks for the review.  She looks great.  I agree with the others on needing a Moonlight mode.

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I’m looking at the Litesam PS16 on amazon, I think it’s the “sister” model to this? (only it shows 1380lm instead of 1180 Smile )


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I’ve got the Litesam version of this light. I’m wondering if anyone else noticed this about the side e-switch on these lights:

Although I love the wide flat metal switch, unfortunately I hate the feel/feedback of this switch. The switch is a bit sloppy, klunky and rough and has too much travel before it activates, it’s just not “precise” and smooth feeling like other e-switches, and it makes the mode switching seem “slow” or “delayed” too.

Olight, Crelant, Thorfire, On The Road, Thrunite, Nitecore, all my other e-switch lights have much better feeling switches, more smooth and precise. It’s really the only complaint I have so far with this light, but it’s a big one for me. I hate it.

I’m wondering if I got a bad one or it’s just how they are, anyone else with a Fitorch, Litesam, Vollsion or BORUiT notice this too?