Review - Olight PL-2 (gunlight, 2xCR123/16340, 1200lm)

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Review - Olight PL-2 (gunlight, 2xCR123/16340, 1200lm)

Hello everyone, today we will see the PL-2 Valkyrie sent for the occasion from the store Olight ® Direct IT, whom I thank for the opportunity and trust given to me.

CLICK HERE to go to the official page on the Olight website.

I want to clarify that the reviews are done at the amateur level and without the aid of scientific instruments or test in secret Labs cutting edge therefore, between the lines that follow, there will also be my humble observations.

Official features taken from home:

- single output reaching 1200 lumens, which may momentaity incapacitate your foe with top output among weapon lights
- high-performance CREE XHP35 HI LED, coupled with TIR optic lens and hardened glass with anti-reflective coating, gives a beam distance up to 235 meters
- ultra simple quick attach and detach manual mounting system
- applicable on Glock and MIL-STD-1913 (Picatinny) rails and comes with adapters for both
- mute ambidextrous ON/OFF switch, able to be activated by pushing forward directly or hitting either side

Where to buy it

The flashlight in question can be purchased easily on the amazon page of Olight ® Direct.

The packaging and accessories

The PL-2 Valkyrie comes in a brick-shaped box in light cardboard. In the front there is the name of the model and of the brand and, just below them, the portrays of the flashlight and then there are the outstanding data.

The back shows the specifications and the full features of the model.

By opening this package, we find a clear plastic blister that encompasses all the objects together

and opening the matryoshka, holds them in an orderly manner.

Once extracted all the various blister, we have:

- the flashlight
- 2 CR123A batteries (NOT-rechargeable)
- the manual, written in several languages
- T6/T8 Torx L key
- the adapters to the Picatinny rail (or MIL-STD-1913), that for the Glock is already attached to the flashlight
- 2 screws.

To follow the manual, you can still browse and/or download from HERE

The flashlight

The PL-2 Valkyrie is the last gun's flashlight from Olight. The small body is almost entirely composed of aluminum, except for the lens and 2 rubber keys placed in the tail.
The structure of the flashlight is pretty straightforward except for the bulge on the sides due to the fact that, in the belly, has 2 batteries in series. The flashlight can accept both non-rechargeable CR123A, which as I said coming out of the package, and both, as otherwise directed by the instruction book but confirmed by the Olight itself, rechargeables 16340 or RCR123.

Just to stay on topic, on the side bulges are also written the name of the brand and of the model.

Another inscription is present below the flashlight and tells us that the surface, when heated, can burn if the flashlight will be helded on for a long time or if it is used indoors and sweltering heat loss, that didn't help either.
Anyway every inscription presents a lettering without smudging.

Overhead is the XHP35 HI CW (which has no dominant) LED, but you can't see directly because is "hidden" under the TIR lens not multifaceted.

The flashlight has the anti-reflective glass and, as you can see, there is also a crenellated and slightly pronounced bezel. As can be seen from the picture, the tailstand is possible.

In the tail, the tailcap which gives access to the battery compartment. There are also the two rubbered power buttons (one per side) that allow you to interact with the flashlight. They have a short stroke and click little noisy, though always present.
Thanks to their conformation, the flashlight can be operated by pushing both forward and both inwards the keys, adapting to different situations and/or handles.

Side view picture of the two buttons. To follow where you can best see that, on the surface, there are also small vertical pads that increase grip.

To unlock the tailcap you should interact on the lever placed centrally.

Using both hands just to turn it up and you've done.

Here the side view, where one understands better the tailcap with lever off the hook.

The first time you open, you'll find a plastic film that protects the batteries from any parasite discharge. Note that the two contacts of opposite polarity and the gills that, most likely, give various commands to the LED.

After removal of the film, there are the two primary (non-rechargeable) lithium batteries of CR123A type placed in series. Remember that you can also use two rechargeable lithium ion (Li-ion) 16340 type (or RCR123).
Seeing the small size of the compartment, recommend the purchase of 16340 marked Olight to avoid problems from various sizes found in the various cells. Such as the ORB-13P06 650mAh, which are the same ones used by me in tests that follow.

Inside the case there are two golden springs with obviously different polarity. The circuitry is in sight.

The main parts are obviously the adapters for the gun and the side rails. The flashlight comes out of the package with the Glock adapter already mounted.

Observing from the side, you can see how the adapters protrudes in relation to the body. Also, on the right, there is a lever that allows the opening of the rail and allows docking on the weapon.

Here are the rails that ensure the fixing to the weapon.

To open the rails just move of 180° lever forward, doing so a rotation.

Small note: be sure to use the proper adapter with the weapon. To replace it, simply unscrew the two screws with the appropriate tool that comes out of the packaging and insert the correct one.

L-shaped wrench closeup, all four screws (two screws attached to the flashlight and two spare) and the two adapters distinguishable not only by size (one is thinner than the other) but fot the letters that there are engraved. GL for the Glock and the 1913 for the Picatinny rail (or MIL-STD-1913).

Now you might wonder, but it's hard to assemble? Absolutely not.

Once you have entered the correct adapter and open the lever seen before, simply bringing the flashlight closer to the socket located under the barrel and as close as possible to the trigger. Once this is done, simply tighten the flashlight by moving the lever again.

Small digression for friends who practice Airsoft: not all guns are 1:1 replicas of the real thing. For example, in my tests, the attack of some guns was totally off the charts. Or was too wide or recesses under the barrel did not have the proper depth to allow proper tightening of the flashlight. Inform yourself well before making a purchase.

Returning to the PL-2, I will close by saying that, thanks to the double keys, the flashlight can be easily used by both left-handers and right-handers.

With this specific model of gun, the flashlight does not protrude beyond the barrel. With other models as short as 1 or 2 cm may protrude.

I'm closing this paragraph leaving you with some images taken from other angles.

How does that work

The Olight PL-2 Valkyrie has two modes (normal level + strobe) composed by the same brightness level.

According to official data, the mode has 1200 lumen and, after the step down, has 600.

The UI have a disarming simplicity, is impossible to forget and can be learned in a bunch of seconds.

When it is off, a single click either button will light the flashlight. Another click, again by either button, make it turn off.

When it is off, a long click with either button will turn on the momentary on. When you release the button the light goes off.

When it is off or on, if one click run simultaneously on both buttons, will turn on the strobe. One click to turn off.

Dimensions: dimensions and weight

Measuring 8.25 x 3.66 x 3.07cm.
Weighs 84 grams empty, 115 gr with 2xCR123A and 119 with 2x16340.

Following, the pictures for a dimensional comparison between a big BIC lighter

and with a 18650 and two CR123A.

Lumen, runtime, candles and beamshot

N.B. The tests to follow were made with two CR123A (non-rechargeable) come out from the package and two batteries Olight ORB-13P06 from 650mAh battery (rechargeable). The whole thing was done in a homely environment at 24° and, depending on the test, with and without forced ventilation.

The following values were taken with rechargeable batteries charged and are considered peak.

The following values were taken with both rechargeable and non-rechargeable batteries charged.

N.B. Discharge curves are obviously indicative, the result may change in either positive or negative depending on the batteries used by the end user or by the conditions of use that may change from mine during my tests.

Any read discrepancies relating to tests made on the same level are due to a different positioning of the measuring equipment.

The following values were taken with rechargeable batteries charged and are considered peak.

The following photo was taken at a distance of 20 cm from the wall.

Beam width.

Photo taken before the operation of the step down, tree line is at 25 meters.

House at the end of the street is at a distance of 70 meters.

Personal considerations

This PL-2 is the first specific gun's flashlight that I handling. The high performance/compactness ratio and perceived quality is outstanding, even if the price to be paid for all this power is finding the flashlight's body that becomes almost immediately hot. For this reason it was added the step down to a minute and a half.
The heat produced does not create any discomfort to the operator that keeps it docked on rail. You just have to keep in mind that sunburn can occur, especially with his bare hands.

The flashlight has only one level with two modes and a UI very easy to learn. We must also learn and remember the location of buttons, but in less than two minutes you mastered the whole (three if you wear thick gloves, since we do not have the same sensitivity data through my naked fingers).

The only "flaw" that I would point out is that, in order to replace the batteries, you have to drop the flashlight from the gun. Similar solutions (as well as the PL-1 II just to stay in Olight's house) allow to do it so by logging in from the front instead of behind, resulting in so changing batteries a faster operation but do not reach the powers of PL-2.

Slightly larger keys maybe they benefited in the use with gloves and helped who's hands are a little larger than normal. Their current size still remains available and not disabling.

Nevertheless remains the flashlight for gun with the throwing more than others on the market (more than 100 meters), very wide beam and high power blinding. Characteristics that are made possible by more than 1000 lumens (real) available.
Autonomy with rechargeables is very good. In testing it gone on for a little more than 50 minutes. In real life, if you always have the flashlight of this power turned-on, is equivalent to being a sitting duck so I doubt that during an operation or a game of Airsoft it will be turned on for a long time.

I'm not felt the lack of a lower level to preserve the battery, also because it clashes with the use to which this flashlight is intended. Not to mention that it might be a hindrance and/or lead the operator to select the level in a risk situation.

What do you think about? You would buy it?

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