[Review] Sofirn SP33 - Newcomer with a throwy 26650

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[Review] Sofirn SP33 - Newcomer with a throwy 26650

[Sofirn SP33](https://www.amazon.com/Sofirn-Flashlight-Water-resistant-Rechargeable-Se...)

###Price: ~$23-28

Disclaimer: Sofirn asked me if I wanted to review the SP33, they sent me the light for free, but are not paying me for the review

The SP33 is my first “26650” light. I’ve looked at them, but since that format is typically more of a pack light, I have held off.


Category| Manufacturer Spec
:—| :—
Max Lumens| 1080
Color Temperature| 5350K-5700K
Range| 100-200m
Battery Config.| 26650/18650(Spacer included)
Switch| Side E-Switch
Waterproof| IP6-8
Weight| 117g
Size| 124mm x 31.5mm x 36mm

Unfortunately, there are not a whole lot of specific specs on this light. I don’t know the intensity, though it’s pretty throwy for its size.

Packaging is unexciting. Looks like something that would come from a [dollar-store](https://imgur.com/4Pja8kn). Very strange since the light itself seems really well made. Mine came with the light, [lanyard](https://imgur.com/lcc085U), o-rings, and [spacer tube for 18650s](https://imgur.com/eL15aYn). The pictures online on Aliexpress show a charger and battery being included for a few more dollars.

###Head & Emitter
Head is well shaped. Some of the sides are [flattened](https://imgur.com/ysKGoHN) just below the head, and since the head is slightly wider than the body, this prevents it from rolling too badly when laid down. The [bezel](https://imgur.com/hsi0p8g) has cutouts so that you can see when the light is on even when sat [face-down](https://imgur.com/gDCnwfh). The LED is an [XP-L](https://imgur.com/QHoa9W9), not the most exciting LED but definitely a solid choice and a work-horse.

The reflector is a surprisingly deep [smooth reflector](https://imgur.com/hsi0p8g) that gives an impressive amount of [throw](https://imgur.com/DmlDjMY) for the size of light, something the company should promote more.

The bod is pretty standard, other than the aforementioned flattening. The [knurling](https://imgur.com/DmlDjMY) is there, but I would prefer something more aggressive, there are cuts in the body that provide decent grip above and beyond the knurling.

The tail is set up for [tail-standing](https://imgur.com/ztTJ7PH), and the holes for the lanyard allow you to attach it so that it’s out of the way.

The switch is a [lighted, side switch](https://imgur.com/l6IDQtw) which also gives you information on battery percentage. My only complaint with the switch is that the light is on when the light is on, meaning it does not help you locate the light or the switch in the dark. I would love to see this changed in future designs.

The UI on this light is pretty simple. It has 5 modes plus a strobe. The light turns on in the last memorized mode. A medium press turns the light on, additional presses step up modes and cycle from low to turbo and then around to low. Medium-press to turn off. A triple-press leads to strobe, but there is no shortcut to Turbo. A double-press from off locks the light out indicated by two flashes. Another double-press unlocks the light.

I mentioned above that the packaging seemed cheap, the LED is unexciting, the UI is basic. However, the construction of this light is above what I would have expected. The [tail spring](https://imgur.com/RPYsZGe) is thick and attached directly into the tail, which is not ideal, but they more than compensate by including a [driver spring](https://imgur.com/Iiv0gdo), something that I am not used to seeing in many mid-grade lights.

The other really nice touch is that the threads are [square](https://imgur.com/u5I33vb), even the ones in the bezel!

Once you get past the packaging, this is a really nice light! Good throw, large-capacity battery format, and good quality construction. If you’re looking for a good light for the car or bag, this could be a great option for you!.

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