[Review] Nitecore TIP Luxury Gift Set (TIP 2017) (keychain, 360lm, usb)

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[Review] Nitecore TIP Luxury Gift Set (TIP 2017) (keychain, 360lm, usb)

Hello everyone, today I'll review the TIP 2017 in the special KIT "Luxury Gift Set" obtained trought a Nitecore contest.

CLICK HERE to go to the official page on the Olight website.

I want to clarify that the reviews are done at the amateur level and without the aid of scientific instruments or test in secret cutting edge Labs therefore, between the lines that follow, there will also be my humble observations.

Official features taken from Nitecore:

- metallic kechain light
- TIP 2017/TIP SS: Fitted with a CREE XP-G2 S3 LED capable of outputting 360 lumens
- TIP CRI 2017/TIP CRI SS: Fitted with a Nichia 219B LED, CRI≥90
- integrated "Precision Digital Optics Technology" provides extreme reflector performance

- built-in Li-Ion battery
- USB rechargeable with onboard charging circuit
- multi-purpose clip
- daily and constant-on modes available
- dual switch design
- 4 brightness levels with direct access to low and turbo output
- memory function
- high-efficiency regulation circuit provides unwavering output
- advances temperature regulation (ATR)
- built-in power indicator (Patent No. ZL201220057767.4)
- rear suspension ring capable of sustaining 30kg weight
- TIP 2017/TIP CRI 2017: HAIII military grade hardanodized finish
Glacier: stainless steel by surface polishing
Jet black & Tropical: stainless steel by PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) titanium coating
- impact resistant to 1,5 meters

The Packaging and Accessories

The packaging of this special edition of 2017 TIP consists of a hard cardboard box on which are depicted two gift boxes with lots of ruffles and starlets and, below them, there is a colored stripe with the writing "Nitecore Holiday Gift Set".
The Strip, the inscription and the stars that adorn the packaging are the same colour as the flashlight.

On the back is repeated the writing "Nitecore Holiday Gift Set" and there are the information of the brand.

The box opens like a book and closing is entrusted to two magnets inside the outermost edge of the box.
As soon as we open it, we find a thin sponge to protection and that, once removed, will show the flashlight and  USB-> microUSB adapter for charging, well wedged in perfectly shaped sponge.

Once extracted everything from package we would have:

- the TIP 2017
- the adapter USB-> micro USB
- 3 different rings and a carabiner to attach the flashlight as keychain
- warranty card
- the manual
in different languages

There is the pages in English of the manual that you can also view or print from Nitecore's website by clicking HERE.

The Flashlight

This Luxury Gift Set distinguished its TIP 2017 from classic version because of special 2-tone colours: Luxury Gold (gold and grey) and Gunmetal (Silver and grey).
The top is gold or silver and, as for other versions of the flashlight, on the body there are two rubbered and semitransparent electronic buttons with which you can interact with the UI. The keys differ due to the different symbols on them, have a short ride and a click quite decided. Below the buttons there is a red  and a green
The aluminium body is engraved with the name of the flashlight (TIP).

On the bottom, the coloration is of a classic gray. Since this is the version 2017, this TIP has a plastic clip (on which there is the inscription Nitecore) which is also to protection of the microUSB port for charging the 500 mAh battery.

The clip has a tooth with a hold not very strong on light clothing but very decided on thicker ones.

In its head there is a CREE XP-G2 S3 of a CW tint and without chromatic aberrations. The LED is surrounded by a small parable OP and is dominated by a reflective lens. The whole is held and protected by a small bezel.

The clip slides along the flashlight body and comes to rest in the grooves, this allows you to see the microUSB port to start charging when necessary. In the tail there is a metal insert where you can attach the rings for keys and the carabiner that comed out from the package.
The flashlight is held closed by 8 small Phillips screws (4 per side).

Here's the clip down to leave uncovered the microUSB port. At the bottom are also written findings certifying CE and ROHS certifications. You can see the inscription Nitecore engraved on the bottom side of the body. The clip
protect the door for charging with the standard IP54,  against dust and splashing water.

Here is one of the 3 rings and the carabiner supplied attached to the flashlight.

Here's two photos with the TIP in the wild.

The Charging System

As seen above, from the box comes a small USB male-> microUSB. But for convenience I have always used the classic cable for charge the phone.

Recharge the flashlight is very easy. Just slide the clip down and insert a cable or adapter into the socket of the flashlight and connect it to the current. Charging start at a speed of just under 0,50A and recharging takes, with the flashlight completely discharged, approximately 2 hours to finish.

During charging, the LED underneath the keys will be red

It will turn green when the charging process is finished.

How Does That Work

The TIP 2017 has four selectable levels, three in the ordinary manner and one, the Turbo, to invoke. There are no special levels.

According to official data from Nitecore, the levels have the following characteristics:

- Turbo -> 360 lumen
- High -> 150 lumens
- Mid -> 35 lumens
- Low -> 1 lumen

N.B. This flashlight has bright powers-CRI version lower than simply a different Visual rendering.

The flashlight has 2 keys: one above, on which there are four horizontal lines, has the task of cycling levels while one below, with a single click, turn on/off the flashlight.

The TIP 2017 has two modes, the Daily mode (DM) and the Constant-on mode (CM).
The only difference between these two modes is that in DM any level, once turned on, will automatically turn off after 30 seconds. Rekindle the flashlight within 3 seconds after turning off automatic will enable the CM.
There is also the option to switch between the DM and the CM (and vice versa) manually. In order to do this, simply hold down both buttons of the flashlight for a second, the LED will blink 1 time to report the insertion of the DM, the inclusion of the CM will be indicated by 2 blinks.

As I said, a click of the down button will turn on the flashlight.

To cycle the levels levels in ascending order just press once the above key, 1 click per level. By turning off the flashlight with the button at the bottom, the level will be stored.

With the flashlight on or off, press and hold button above for more than one second, we access the Turbo in momentary on and it goes off then release the button.
With the flashlight is off, press and hold button above for less than one second, we will light the Turbo continuously (but will remain on for 30 seconds and then switch to High).

With the flashlight is off, press and hold button below for less than one second, we access the Low immediately and there will be no need to turn on the flashlight and recall all levels to select it.
As before, if the pressure will last more than a second, the LED will turn off when you release the button.

There is also the possibility to know, approximately, the % charge of the cell.
A flashlight is off, you will need to press the button above. The red LED placed under the keys will Flash 3 times to indicate a charge > 50%, 2 times to indicate a charge between 50% and 10% and 1 only blinking to indicate a charge < to 10%.

Dimensions and Weight

The TIP 2017 measure 6.02 x 2.42 x 1.19 cm (without regard to clip and keys). It weighs 26 g with clip.

Afterwards, a dimensional comparison with a big BIC lighter

and with Cooyoo
Quantum TI.

Lumen, Runtime, Candles and Beamshot

N.B. The tests to follow were made with the battery integrated in the flashlight. The whole thing was done in a homely environment at 20° without forced ventilation.

The following values were taken with the charged battery and are considered peak.

The following values were taken with the charged battery and are considered peak.

N.B. Discharge curves are obviously indicative, the result may vary in either positive or negative depending on the batteries used by the end user or by the conditions of use that may vary from mine during my tests.

Any read discrepancies relating to tests made on the same level are due to a different positioning of the measuring equipment.

The following values were taken with the charged battery and are considered peak.

The following photo was taken at a distance of 20 cm from the wall.

Beam width

Beamshot on Turbo and High levels (which have to be considered slightly brighter). The tree line is at 25 meters. The spill, with the spot facing the infinite in the horizontal plane, start from just under one meter of the way.

Personal Considerations

Small but powerful and with good durability and adjustment.
The internal battery and the microUSB port are a good thing for the flashlightes of this size, especially if charged in times so reasonable.

About this Luxury Gift Set, I would have liked that the TIP were totally colored with the special color (as for the basic version and the version SS) rather than be bi-chromatic.
Unfortunately I did not understand the usefulness of the Daily Mode, maybe avoid discharge completely the battery in case of unintentional or fleeting ignitions, but would have preferred an electronic lockout keys instead.
Obviously this is just my "tantruming", others peoples might find these two things interesting.

In conclusion I can say that, overall, I liked a lot these TIP 2017.

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very good review, i think this is the best keychain light in this price class, i have also the manker lad and nitecore tube, i think the tip is my fav since it shines very bright on highest and isnt to big to have in your pocket with keys.

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