XTAR WK007 (ZOOM) 1*AA/14500 + MOD

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XTAR WK007 (ZOOM) 1*AA/14500 + MOD

My name is Eryk. I am writing reviews in Polish.
Reviews I translate – google translator

Original review:

The manufacturer’s test flashlight was: http://www.xtar.cc/products_detail/productId=176.html

Model WK007 is a “ZOOM” torch, does this torch make sense?

The flashlight is supplied in a blister.

In packaging:
- a flashlight
- user manual
- spare oring
- lanyard for wrist

XTAR WK007 is a model that can be powered from 1 * AA or 1 * 14500. Visually the project looks pretty good, also in terms of performance there is no reason to complain

WK007, the design of the ZOOM flashlight from the perspective of XTAR, is there any chance of success? We have a lot of sellers here and ignorant buyers “focus regulation”. LED is XP-G3, cold with blue / violet color – disgusting (especially visible on the wall, on the grass, etc. – less)

We can spread the head and have “super reach”

Without the slightest problems we can unscrew the crown and get to the optics and fast

I decided to make a small modification, I took a TIR type optics, which is intended, for example, to modify Convoy S2 + flashlights, and put it in the XTAR. It is loosely true, but I did it only with curiosity as it will shine

With TIR optics it does not look so attractive anymore

On the original speed, with the “range” setting. It is not better, but on the contrary

Where the driver and diode are mounted, the head is ribbed, for better heat transfer, the center tube is glued, so it is not removed, covered with a delicate, but perceptible finger under the finger

The “forward” button, if the flashlight is off, changes the mode in half-clicks, and in the selected mode we make a full click – ie press the button “to the end”. The button itself works with great resistance, here it is not bad

Striped cover + strange pattern, also found a hole to attach the wrist lanyard

Threads without anodizing, no grease, good quality

Like a spring, hard enough, gold plated

Control is very easy, as we change modes I discussed when discussing switch, I will talk only about modes.
The modes are slow, half-click, high, mid, and so on, but if you want to go through the modes quickly, the strobe modes will turn on and we do not want to.
In my opinion, flash modes should be called, for example, three quick clicks, and sometimes they can turn on.

Producer gives 500 lm for High, with 14500 cell it is the most achievable, also looks good with Eneloop AA 2000mAh performance.

Graph for XTAR WK007 powered by 1 * Eneloop, an hour of quite a lot of light – is good, just bad for that performance the manufacturer used in the ZOOM flashlight

On the other hand, for 14500 cells, about 6 to 7 minutes it drops to 65%, stays up to about 20 minutes, and then slows down to about 60 minutes.

The WK007 without a cell is about 50 grams, it’s a lot for the torch powered by 1 * AA / 14500

WK007 on the background of Sanyo NCR18650GA and JETBeam JET-1 MK

And here in the “zoom”

JETBeam JET-1 MK has joined the JET-E20R

Field shooting, camera settings ISO-200, f / 2, 2s, white balance – Fluorescent H

XTAR WK007 – 14500


JETBeam JET-1 MK – 14500


XTAR WK007 – 14500


JETBeam JET-1 MK – 14500


XTAR WK007 MOD (TIR optics) – 14500

Full size photos:

A few words of summary.
I will start with words – not worth it. There are not many ZOOM flashlights on the market, and the WK007 is definitely not worth it. Poor quality, ZOOM – neither the range nor usable light distribution.
Looking at the quality of work, here is not bad, XTAR products are rather well known, this model looks to me more to see what the sales will look like, branded flashlight against the huge amount of offered no-name products.
For those who like DIY – if you fall into the hands of the WK007, I recommend to replace the original optics, such as TIR optics or to find a headlight + find a quick, I used the Astrolux S41S flashlight.
No modification – I would not recommend (even looking at the price, it is some times too high).


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Hi Eryk
Thanks for the review
And brutally honest ….just the way I like reviews

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