Kevlar embedded rubber.

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Kevlar embedded rubber.

Performance bicycles came out with a house brand tire which was later sold under the Geax name. These tires had chopped Kevlar embedded in the rubber. Other brands used a Kevlar belt between the tread and casing. I have used both types and generally bought which ever was cheaper. Tires with Kevlar last around 5 times as long as those with out it. In my case this was 500 to 2500 miles for a rear. My tires die when multiple glass cuts join causing the tube to protrude through the thread. Kevlar added $5 per tire. So you can see using this type of material would only add a few cents to a button. The problem with Kevlar fabric is nothing sticks to it. So in a tire or a button there is the danger of delamination. There was no delamination for the Kevlar fibers. I have used enough flashlights now no know the button is generally the first thing to wear out. This of course ruing the waterproofing . I would certainly pay a few extra cents for a Kevlar embedded rubber.

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So… you’re wishing for a Kevlar-rubber button cover? I’m not so sure this is possible to obtain. The “few cents” added to the button would be more than a “normal” rubber button cover costs to make (I think) meaning that it would increase the price by more than 100%! Perhaps you could interest some manufacturer in making some if you got a big enough order through a group buy or something – assuming you could get enough people interested in owning buying Kevlar-rubber flashlight button covers.

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I’d say in the flashlight biz a few cents extra for a rubber on off switch is too expensive. If the button is standardised, then an aftermarket button is interesting. Otherwise, why not just include an extra rubber button, like with O-rings?
On a more technical aspect, isn’t tire wear of a different mechanism than button wear? Doesn’t the button rupture instead of wear out? So would a short fibre Kevlar reinforced rubber button be more resistant to ruptures? The fail mechanism may be different and different fibre length may be required.

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My Orthotics are made of Kevlar.They definitely make them[Orthotics] better. I have minimal and sporadic pain,,,,,,,,,,NOTHING like it was before I got them.

With all the miles I hike they last pretty long. First pair lasted me 11 years…$400 a pair.

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If you setup a group-buy for some standard-size kevlar button covers I’m definitely interested. Thumbs Up

Sometimes features which initially are only for enthusiasts eventually become more mainstream and are added to lights by manufacturers. Direct-copper stars for instance.

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ya. I’d be in on a couple. why not. we all by all kinds of stuff. if a standard button is a couple bucks and a kevlar button is a couple bucks more I can see people paying for it definitely.

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Hi, Did anything ever happen with this?