ORICO CS3 18000mAh Car Jump Starter - HELP

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ORICO CS3 18000mAh Car Jump Starter - HELP

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anyone have an opinion about…
ORICO CS3 18000mAh Car Jump Starter

I dug the net, but found no opinion.
Overall, the products of this company are pretty good.

appreciate any help…

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Generally most of these lipo jump packs are about the same, a big lipo in a box with some charging bits and all the ones I’ve seen the battery is connected right to the output leads (no protection since you need massive fets to do that which isn’t in the budget of these). The jump cable it comes with is the important bit, the simplistic ones are just a stack of large diodes to protect the battery, some nicer ones have thermal protection and such. And these cables are normally what go, the diodes blow (although often from abuse I think, give them sometime to cool before you try again) but you can get replacement cables cheap since they all use the same connectors who’s name escapes me. Since they all the jump leads look pretty similar I guess you are paying for the cell quality for a more expensive one and that who knows. Personally I would just buy a big mean prismatic lipo from a brand I trust with rated specs and just stick the replacement jump leads on it. Of course not as convenient since you have to charge the battery with a hobby charger and such but that way I know the battery can take it and for the same price I could get a much larger, more powerful battery that will be safe to run at those current levels. Then again they seem to work and maybe I’m just over complicating it.

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