Sofirn SP31, XP-L2 neutral, 1*18650

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Sofirn SP31, XP-L2 neutral, 1*18650

My name is Eryk. I am writing reviews in Polish.
Reviews I translate – google translator.

Link to original:,63391

The flashlight for the test was shared by the store – 32810506359.html

In many respects we can compare the torch to Convoy, but what to choose Convoy or Sofirn?

The packaging is more about products more expensive than Convoy, minimalist and nice

In packaging:
- a flashlight
- backup Oars
- lanyard for wrist
- user manual

Sofirn SP31 reminds me of some Convoy models, but it’s nicer, the performance is comparable (with matte finish, but more shiny than Convoy)

The reflector used in the SP31 is SMO, clean, not as smooth as EAGTAC or Convoy C8 / S2 + SMO, but it is not bad, fast with AR coatings, but it is not fast with a light transmission close to 100%. LED XP-L2 neutral, quite nice LED, if light on the white wall, you can see a slight rash of purple color (very delicate – it is rather my bedroom), very nice color outside. The LED is not perfectly centered, the picture may not reflect, but you can see the minimum offset. Glued glue – damage (

Button for changing modes – I’m not sure if it’s metal or plastic, if the plastic is really good quality. The button clicks quietly, with noticeable resistance and great accuracy – there is no question of some imprecise mode change, I will say more, did not make much impression on the lighthouse click underwater Smiley

Below the logo of the manufacturer – in one line with the button and the inscription HOT on the head – it is nice wink

The central tube and cap covered with black matte anodization (like a torch), with a very delicate knit, lies perfectly in the palm of your hand. The SP31 is factory fitted with a clip – as for me too hard, you have to use a lot of power to bend it

The forward button works a little differently than the buttons on Convoy flashlights, the protective rubber band is very thin and the button is pressed into the finger, its work is more suited to Convoy, although it is rather a matter of taste.

Hard and heavy spring – I think it is better than factory Convoys

Heavy threads, well done, unfortunately dry. Convoy heads are generally not anodized and well done for heat dissipation. Convoy is warmed up pretty quickly across the surface. In SP31 the driver’s thread is covered with anodizing, it looks nice but … it does not work, the head gets hot quickly but the rest of the flashlight is cold. In my copy, I applied a thermal paste and smeared with silicone grease – it’s an improvement, but it’s still not a good Convoy level.

On the controller side, the spring is very comfortable with the cap, thick, hard and looks better than the new Convoys.

The service is fabulous. We turn on the flashlight (with the last mode of memory, we have to start with “moon” in the test) and change the modes with single clicks:
- moon
- short
- average
- high (drop to medium mode after – 3min) – here the manufacturer gives a 1h11min luminous time, unless he does not take into account that the controller does not work all the time in High mode
- medium (drop to low after 30 minutes)
- short
- average
And so on…
As a curiosity I will add that the modes are not reduced in percentage, only the mode is reduced to lower, just one click again to return to medium mode, and one more to high (starting from low)

The flashlight has two hidden modes:
- two quick clips – strobe from High mode
- Hold for about 1 second – Bicycle Stands (Medium Mode and High Speed Flash) – Works when the flashlight is off

Reverse polarity protection – I tested it, it works and it works.

Cellular protection:
- If the voltage reaches 3V, the flashlight flashes 3 times
- voltage drop to 2.8V – flashlight for 1 minute will flash and then turn off, it informs us that we have to replace the link
Sofrin deprived us of even a hint of light? – no, just one click and the flashlight is still working, but we risk damaging the link.

How to compare this driver to Convoy? To the factory – it’s Convoy on steroids, while to the Convoys from Poland – but I prefer our ideas.

Sofirn coating is matt (Convoy is more matt), good quality, comparing to Convoy – I do not know which is better

Comparison to Fenix TK25 R & B, you can see a lot of similarities in the construction of the middle tube and the cap

And to the EAGTAC PX30, a comparison of the weight of the torches, Sofirn despite the fact that a little bit more weight, quality is nothing to compare, let’s remember that this is another price shelf
Sofirn SP31 – 75 grams
EAGTAC PX30 – 63 grams
Convoy S6 – 75 grams

Field shooting, camera settings ISO-200, f / 2, 2s, white balance – Fluorescent H
Sofirn SP31

EAGTAC PX30LC2-R XP-L Hi neutral

EAGTAC PX30LC2-R Nichia 219C 4000K (camera unnaturally changed color)

Fenix TK25 R & B

Full size photos:

Some words of summary:
Sofirn is 10-20USD, depending on where we buy and whether we will find a discount code. Is it worth it? Comparing the SP31 to the Convoy S2 + (or another of this size), I would choose Sofirn – a very similar implementation, with the fact that Convoy is easier to modify or improve – so here comes a dilemma. The driver is easy to use, very pleasant even for inexperienced torch users.
At a low price (compared to “branded” flashlights) we get a nice look, good driver and good performance.
I know that Sofirn in the offer already has other, new models, at a low price offer really decent quality, SP31 recommended especially beginners, and for more experienced Sofirn also prepared something wink


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great review, thank you!

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Identical to the Thorfire TK15S which is one of my favourite torches at the moment. Even the manual looks identical other than the branding.