Review - Jetbeam T4 Pro

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Review - Jetbeam T4 Pro

This light was provided to me by GearBest for review.

Another great offering from Jetbeam, the T4 Pro. It’s a great performer thanks to it’s user friendly user interface and combo throw/flood beam. It comes in decent packaging with an extra o-ring, holster, lanyard, instructions, 26650 battery and USB Charge cord. It fits the hand well and the side switch is fairly easy to find even though it is fairly flush with the body. It being directly opposite the charge post making it easy to index in the hand. The instructions indicate a blue light will illuminate when charging, mine is green, no big deal.

The deep orange peel reflector in conjunction with the big XHP50 LED gives you a very usable beam pattern with good flood and spot for transitioning from up close work to seeing at a distance quickly. This has become my new kitchen/around the house light. A long press turns it on, while in a press and release advances the mode. From off a double press takes you to strobe and another double press from there advances you through the other special modes (beacon, SOS). A single press while in one of the special modes puts you back in the last regular mode you used. I didn’t need to charge it for long out of the box and runtimes are in par with manufacturer advertised values.

The machining of the body in very nice and the threads are smooth. The anodizing covers well and I don’t have any discolored spots. The lanyard is pretty decent and on par with what we’ve come to expect from flashlight companies. The sheath is nylon with Velcro closure and it seems durable. The electronic side switch is crisp and offers good feedback, as I said earlier it’s almost flush with the body but a little texture and being opposite the charge port makes it easy to find. The charge cord is proprietary for me, it’s the only light I have that takes it but I’m sure in the future Jetbeam will continue with this charging platform as Olight has so you only need to keep up with one cord.

All in all the T4 is a home run in my book. I was in the market for a kitchen/around the house light that offered versatility and wasn’t so complicated to use that my wife just refused to use it. This Jetbeam has fit the bill well. Mode memory leaves the light in low which is usually plenty of light to tinker around the house but access to many more lumens are just a click away.