[Review] Nitecore TINI (keychain, 380lm, usb)

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Batch1 wrote:
Agro wrote:
After being on my neck for a quarter the light started failing. The mode change button works intermittently, sometimes it notices a click sometimes it doesn’t. I guess it will fully break soon. Or that I’ll get too annoyed and will stop using it.

I’ve seen another member complaining about their lights dying because of button issues, though I can’t find that now. Anyway – seems there’s a design problem.
I’m very disappointed with that.

Anyway – I guess that there’s no easy way to repair it, is there?

Mine become defective after few months of use. First it stays on all the time but at a level lower than 1 lumen. Now it doesn’t work at all.
I am disappointed since I tough Nitecore was a reputable company.

I had two TIP CRI lights… both were failures. 1st was DOA. 2nd went dead after 3 weeks. Shameful customer service. Their “solution” for the problem was in the next release, the 2017 model, where they simply have a clip that covers over the buttons. They couldn’t manage a real usable lockout, so they resorted to that. I get it that these are the cheaper models of their lineup, but that means more sales of them and thus exposure. You have to make sure your easily afforded lights are great quality, as they serve for lead-ins on buying other more expensive lights by the brand. Well, the failure did the opposite for me. No more Nitecore, unless I get one as a gift.

I thought maybe I’d go for a TINI, but there are enough drawbacks, plus I’m not convinced of the quality control… so I went to another brand.

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I got my
Itsy bitsy, teeny weenie,
Ev-er-y day carry TINI.
That I put on my keychain today.

It’s just an
Itsy bitsy, teeny weenie,
Ev-er-y day carry TINI.
So in my pocket, I know it will stay.

From my house to my auto.
In my auto to the store.
From the store to my front door.
With a flashlight evermore.