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My name is Eryk. I am writing reviews in Polish.
Reviews I translate – google translator.

Link to original:

Flashlight for testing was sent by the Polish distributor: http://kolba.pl/pl/product/20668,latarka-diodowa-fenix-fd65 , thank you very much.
On the manufacturer’s website you will find technical information and specifications: http://www.fenixlight.com/ProductMore.aspx?id=2257&tid=33&cid=1#.WhCA2Er...

Fenix FD45 and FD65 – so Zoom / Focus flashlight, with the possibility of changing the focus of the light stream. On the one hand we can count good flashlight zoom, or can FD65 model join this list?

The FD65 is packed in a black and orange package, but with the advantage of black, the orange strikes only on the sides of the package where there is a photo of the set flashlight on the tripod – it turns out that this is where this model feels very well.

On the reverse as always some technical information + table with lighting time + graphs, in the case of Fenix flashlights these are true

When you open the package, we see a flashlight in a black, very well made holster. Lets you not use the flashlight to use its functions

The manufacturer has not forgotten about spare OO, good quality lanyard for wrist, user manual, warranty card and leaflet.

The holster protects the FD65 with a variety of mechanical covers, the holster itself weighs a lot, more than 70 grams, the flashlight controls the “L” and “H” buttons, and as long as we do not use the TURBO mode for a long time,

Fenix FD65 at the time of review is only available in black (and no information is needed to change this).

Fenix FD65 is equipped with three XHP35Hi LEDs with beautiful neutral color. Three TIR optics were used, the diodes centered perfectly, but unfortunately one of the optics found a tiny paprika. From the top we can not find the glass, it is plastic (so it seems), with high light transmission, throughout the whole period of testing (I have about 1 month), no scratches on it. I am only worried if, even in case of falling from a small height, this optics does not break. The manufacturer states that the torch is capable of surviving a fall of 1 meter, I have not tested it and would not recommend doing it.

The head is informed of the possible high temperature and serial number. Below the left and right arrows. The ring below the arrow allows you to set focus by turning it to “scattered” or “focused” depending on the page.

Greatly set focus, head screwed – diffused light; twisted – focused.
The torch in the “scattered” position is 15.3 cm long, while “focused” is 15.9 cm

There are two,
L – to change mode down + SOS
H – up + flashing
I’ll cover the rest of the discussion by discussing the driver.
The left and right buttons have a slightly different “click” characteristic, I think it’s some sort of qualitative scatter. Some are identical and relatively loud, they work with noticeable resistance, not once did the situation – “double”

The center tube is undocked, knotted in the form of cuts that cut the recesses – this solution greatly improves the grip of the torch, it is very important – it’s a model for 4 * 18650. Despite this construction, unfortunately, the flashlight is very easy to roll up from flat surfaces, then with help comes a cord that can be placed under the flashlight.

Likewise, the cap is curled very nicely and slightly

We will not find a button, and we will put the flashlight in the candle position

On the torch case we will find something else. In the vicinity of ribbing, which allows better heat transfer to the environment, the manufacturer has placed the option of screwing FD65 to a tripod. In this role will be great, mainly to illuminate various types of events, objects, or even using it to take pictures

There are four contact places with a link, on hard springs + a pin, which we insert into one of two designated places in the lantern

The thread is a world championship – great performance, very richly greased, thick, with protruding O-ring, the whole turns slightly, without resistance (writes it because it is not always so obvious)

This is the moment when I have to go to the controller. The driver is built and we can not see it wink
Four hard, well-made springs, plus boxes have a disc-soldered – which has yet to improve the quality of “current flow”. Of course, we can use flat-panel cells.
According to the instructions it should be possible to use 2 or 4 cells, I tried different combinations with two cells and in none of them the flashlight did not turn on.

Two buttons are used to control the torch. Flash does not have last mode memory.
Turn on / off by holding down one of the 0.5s.
We have 5 continuous modes + 2 flash modes

If you hold down the button:
- “L” flashlight will start in Low mode, ie 150lm – so we can not talk about night blindness of other people nearby, one click down and minimum mode, ie 50lm
- “H” flashlight will start in High mode, ie 1200lm – one click up and only now we have 3800lm.
So the modes are changed with “L” – ECO and “H” – TURBO.

Flash modes:
We hold (no matter if the torch is off or on) just over 1 second
- “L” activates SOS 150lm (from LOW mode)
- “H” activates Strobe 3800LM (from TURBO mode)

- before reverse polarity – I tested, works
- before accidentally switching on – we hold two buttons simultaneously, the flashlight flashes several times (if off – 2 times, on – 4 times), if the protection is active, single clicks inform us about this with two flashes
- to turn off the protection, press the two buttons again – and here the torch will turn on in the last mode in which we left it
- against too low voltage – from the voltage of 3.4V flashlight will start to know “take” modes, at about 3V will be only ECO mode which generates 50lm so can illuminate for many, many hours using unprotected flashlight will not turn itself off Too bad we can not program this feature
- before too high temperature – Fenix reports that at 65 degrees C degrees mode mode, according to my laser thermometer is 55 ° C, the mode is shot down 1, that is High, just one press the “H” button and go back to TURBO – depending on whether the temperature has fallen below 55/65 ° C will be in TURBO mode or will decrease the brightness again

What am I missing? I miss the possibility of enabling the last mode of memory, or the built-in LEDs on the charge status of the cells, then starting from the Low / High is not always optimal + no true Moon mode, 50lm in the lowest mode, it’s gently speaking, too much.

Several charts:
Without cooling, at room temperature, we need a quiet 5 minutes to reach the temperature at which the mode is down to lower. I use Samsung INR18650-35E cells, which are about 2 years old, with more efficient cells this drop can happen even faster.

With the fan this process takes 2-3min longer and the mode is down

Out of curiosity I also made a chart dipping the flashlight in water at about 7 ° C, and here it needed much more time to lower the brightness

Three graphs in one image

I have received 100% of the 3800lm

Can someone say a torch powered by 4 * 18650, and you want 1lm mode? – I want to …

Size comparison to Fenix TK25 R & B and Sofirn SP31. So by the way, “little” Fenix and Sofirn have similar mating

Fenix TK25 R & B and Fenix FD65

Fenix FD65, and next to a lot less BLF Q8

The weight of the flashlight without the cells, but in the holster is over 500 grams!

Without a holster about 70 grams less, 70 grams is a weight like Convoy S2 + without a cell …

FD65 without holsters – 623 grams

FD65 + cells + holster = 700 grams …

Field shooting, camera settings ISO-200, f / 2, 2s, white balance – Fluorescent H
Fenix FD65 Turbo – Distributed

Fenix FD65 Turbo – focus (beautiful neutral color, here there are no imperfections, this is the light that I love)

BLF Q8 – shines a little wider, its color is also no objection, BLF did a great job

Nitecore EC4 MOD – XM-L2 U2 3C


Fenix FD65 Turbo – dispersed (in fact, the light distribution is very soft, there is no effect so drastic reflecting light, just a flashlight shines very wide and smooth (like the age of it sounds)

Fenix FD65 Turbo – focused


Nitecore EC4 MOD – XM-L2 U2 3C

Field shooting, camera settings ISO-200, f / 2, 1s, white balance – Fluorescent H
Distributed Mode:
Fenix FD65 ECO

Fenix FD65 Low

Fenix FD65 Medium

Fenix FD65 High

Fenix FD65 Turbo (camera changed the white balance)

Focused Mode:
Fenix FD65 ECO

Fenix FD65 Low

Fenix FD65 Medium

Fenix FD65 High

Fenix FD65


Fenix TH25 R & B

Fenix HL60R (headlamp, neutral)

Fenix FD65


Fenix FD65


And what will you say about 8000lm? wink BLF Q8 + Fenix FD65 together wink

FD65 feels great when working on a tripod. No light? It’s not a problem anymore! Several times I had the pleasure of taking the FD65 + tripod, in the diffused light + medium mode, the maximum of such a connection very well illuminates nearby objects

High resolution pictures:

Some words of summary:
Looking at how the FD65 is lit, the light distribution (this depends largely on the optics used) or the quality of the LEDs used – we are sure that the manufacturer has not compromised. I tested the water resistance immediately after I took out the water several times I was spinning the ring to change focus – it did not make any impression on the lantern.
But is Zoom, or Focus, as Fenix calls it, worthy of recommendation?
Surely every one of you heard the saying “if you do something – do it right or not at all” and Fenix did very well. Zoom can associate us with the “square” if we use the focus option, here we simply focus similar to the normal multi-LED spotlight.

I am a supporter of small EDC flashlights, and so I use. Fenix HL60R – simple, pretty, well made and with great color or other small flashlights. FD65 is a great flashlight, and I will emphasize it again – with great color, but the weight and size of this flashlight, it is not something I like.
Put into a bag, attach to a tripod, illuminate a wide space, but if you need to go out for a walk, at a distance I think that even about 300m, FD65 will do its job.
A few disadvantages can be found in the driver like – no possibility to check even the orientation voltage, lack of memory last mode, or the lowest mode is 50lm + lack of full stabilization to the end, unfortunately unfortunately the standard for Fenix and either you love and buy it or not wink , I have some fears about the strength of this fast to fall – the manufacturer assured me that I do not have to worry about this item because it is resistant to falling to 1m – remember that it is “to” 1m.
FD65 is a large, heavy, well-made flashlight with wide applications (widely said wink ) If you are looking for a good zoom and are not afraid of price, you know what to do wink

Successful shopping !



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nice review, impressive beemshots

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Great review.

Take care of your flashlight and your flashlight will take care of you.

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Thanks for the review. The beam looks very nice!

Does it boost all the way up to 3800 lumens with half depleted batteries?

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Thanks for the review, FD series are so verstile.

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Excellent review, very detailed with many great pic’s and clear impressive beam shots!

This looks to be a great all around and very exciting useful torch! I like it!

Thanks for all your hard work you did a wonderful job of it! Thumbs Up

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Very nicely done . great pics

Fenix makes nice lights

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dziekuje bardzo!![Thank you very much] Thumbs Up

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Great review!

I’ve just received my FD65, the beam quality is better than expected. Flawless in flood mode.

It probably doesn’t zoom as far as I’d like but it’s certainly good enough for most uses.

Quality very good and output seems pretty much spot on after comparing it to my Fenix LD75c, unfortunately that one is going to be used a lot less now…

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Thanks for the excellent review zieloczek100! I like how you compared it to the BLF Q8. The zoomable feature gives it a lot of versatility. I agree that it would be nice to have a moon mode. It looks like a very well built flashlight and I like that it doesn’t have a battery carrier.

I’d rather use my flashlight around the house than turn on the lights.