Nextorch TA30 review (1100 lm, XP-L,18650)

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Nextorch TA30 review (1100 lm, XP-L,18650)

This review will be dedicated to a new tactical flashlight from Nextorch, the TA30.

So, what do we have here, and what is this flashlight about?

1. The brand is being used by professionals around the globe, and some Chinese special forces, so there is much to expect from this flashlight.
2. A unique control method - tactical button with 2 stages operation and magnetic ring - something I haven't seen before.
3. Strike bezel with integrated nano-ceramic elements that should allow to easily break car windows.
4. reddot award 2017 winner, so I expect the flashlight deserve that title.

Let's Begin

The light comes in a small carton box. It's very well designed, and has a metal part in order to be hanged in a store. First time that I meet such construction.

The light comes bundled with a USB cable,lanyard (a very generic quality one), a set of spare o-rings, user manual and product registration card.The user manual comes folded to a size of a post stamp - weird and impressive. The rechargeable battery comes pre-installed in the flashlight.

Some technical details and usage instructions from the user manual.
You can download the user manual from here.

The light also comes with an adapter, that allows to use 2xCR123A batteries.

The light looks and feels really good. It's heavy enough but not too heavy. All the engravings are sharp, the craftsmanship itself is excellent. There are lot of places that hold the NT (NexTorch) logo. There is also
a plant engraved on the light that is a sprouting bean, which is a group icon of frontline police officers and instructors.

Well, some insight about controlling the flashlight.
The button on the back of the flashlight has two positions - half pressed and fully pressed. Regardless of the magnetic wheel position, half press will always turn the flashlight on on Turbo mode, and fully pressed a strobe mode will be initiated, as long as the button is pressed.
In TAC mode (which is the closest that the flashlight has to OFF) the flashlight only works when the button is pressed.
In all other modes the flashlight works according to the mode (min-med-high-strobe), when the button is lightly pressed it gets to Turbo,on full press to strobe and once released gets back to the last mode.

Since the TA30 is designed for police & tactical use, strobe function has been played an important role in their actual service. Suspects or criminals will feel the experience of  disorientation from the strobe effect, which means strobe can cause a disruption to the subject's vision and affects his or her ability to use force, so that police can gain the time to make control.
Actually being able to engage the strobe mode from whatever mode the light is in means a lot for the purposed users of the light, especially in time where every second counts.
The magnetic wheel itself moves smoothly, and there are very clear clicks when switching between modes.

The striking bezel itself is very massive, looks like it's built for a tough job. The nano-ceramic particles look like a tiny black balls. I haven't chance to test the window breaking capabilities, but I can tell that I had a need to break a car window (my own car window) and it was much tougher than I thought, and if the bezel assist in that tasks that's great.

The Nano-ceramic strike bezel, compared to other metal strike bezel, has the same breaking performance or even better (according to the manufacturer), it looks better and avoids scratching when you carry it on your bag or pocket.
The reflector is deep and smooth, the led is well centered.

The light comes bundled with USB rechargeable 18650 battery, with a modest capacity of 2600 mah.

The contact with a positive end of the battery is achieved using a spring, and the negative has some kind of capsule. The clip is removable, only after unscrewing the tailcap - meaning that it's very secure.

Well, if you thought that some magic will make possible artifacts from that impressive striking bezel disappear, well it didn't happen. The artifacts are visible on the edges of the side spill. I used the light for a while, well the artifacts add to the feel that you have something special in your hand.

A short comparison with another modern tactic flashlight - the Olight M2R. Well, Olight looks much more civilized, much more civil, less hardcore than the TA30. Other than that the hand feel and overall quality feel are very much similar.

Well, the light is surely a pleasure to use. The controls are intuitive, it's very assuring to know that no matter the mode that the light, you always can instantly turn the Turbo or strobe modes on.

Conclusion, finals words

Well, I hope that my review helped you to understand more about the light. I think that it's a great tool for professionals, and every feature is crafted for them.


Questions? Requests? Please feel free to ask, I will do my best to assist.

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I’m interested to know what the strobe frequency is on this light? Is it single frequency, or does it alternate between frequencies?