Eagletac Sportac DH10LC2, XP-L Hi NW

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Eagletac Sportac DH10LC2, XP-L Hi NW

My name is Eryk. I am writing reviews in Polish.
Reviews I translate – google translator.

Link to original:

The flashlight for the test was provided by Mhunt.pl shop – http://www.mhunt.pl/latarka-czolowa-eagletac-dh10lc2-xp-l-hi-1120lm-neut... , for which I thank course.

For technical information and specifications, see the manufacturer’s website: http://www.sportaclight.com/html/dh10lc2/index.html

In the past I have tested two other models: PX30LC2-R and S25L-R, and you can read reviews here:

Visually the packaging strongly refers to the models tested, on one side there is information on the number of modes, the diode used and the power supply, and that is basically enough

In the package we find;
- flashlight and headband,
- instruction manual + warranty card (we register flashlight at http://eagtac.com/register/index.html )
- backup Oars
- a guide (basically I do not know why she is supposed to serve)

So much about packaging.
The EAGLETAC DH10LC2 is only 9.7cm long, black anodized, and slightly more than 100 grams with the 18650 cord and tie, it’s one of the lightest, powered by 18650 cells.

The strap, or as you like, headband requires you to say a few words about it. On the one hand, it is EAGTAC, but on the other hand it seems so simple, poorly executed, on the photos makes my impression, negative impression. The band is very light, not stretchable, we adjust only with a stretch cord – poorly?
On the day I needed it, she spent a few hours on her head – it was so light and almost imperceptible on her head that we could forget her. Does not bother, does not bother, is really comfortable.
I have a bigger problem with the flashlight assembly system. Assembly is simple, just insert the flashlight, but … EAGTAC gives its products 10 years warranty, I sincerely doubt that this will hold up 1/4 of this time, maybe I’m wrong, but I would prefer some pushed mounting system.
There is one more flaw – one hand, if we try to change mode, probably the flashlight will pull out of the bandage …

The button is covered with transparent rubber, quite hard, good quality, the button works with a little resistance – very confident, I did not happen to “poke” mode because of his improper work.
The button is also equipped with a diode that signals the charge status of the cell.

Head – it’s hidden electronics, button and LED, and interestingly – we can unscrew it.

Looking at the technical specifications of this model on the manufacturer’s website is information about the use of the XP-L Hi, but cold color (there is no mention of NW). The tested model is equipped with an XP-L Hi NW LED – at a temperature of about 4000K, and I think that with a pretty high CRI. The tiny size of the SMO reflector and the fast AR coatings, the whole of course as the EAGTAC has done – well done.

The center tube is almost smooth, especially in the place where the band is mounted, the delicate ribbing in the lower part, to some extent it should help to get better heat from the flashlight, and this heat very quickly.

Screw, light, simple, with SPORTAC logo, in the middle of the spring, no problem we can use the cells without protection, unfortunately no space for mounting leash / wrist twine!

Well-made threads, factory-lubricated,

You may have noticed, but the controller springs are soldered, and mistakes are made even in the best case.

But this is the driver of the bird’s eye – I’m in shock, where EAGTAC all fit in …

Control is simple and intuitive, remember the EAGTAC PX30LC2-R that always starts with TURBO mode? The leader of this company always starts with the lowest mode

- single click quick activates Moon mode
- hold down the button if the torch is off, the moon will turn on, and after about 1 second will switch to TURBO mode
- turn on in moon mode if the torch is on, hold down the button and the modes change in the loop

This is a driver for people who like to have direct access to Moon and TURBO mode when the torch is off.

EAGTAC knows our needs, most people do not want any flash modes – so do you want to? No matter, we have Strobo 1.5Hz here, but to activate it we have to turn on the flashlight and hold the button for 10 seconds!

With each change of mode, the controller, more specifically the blue LED, which is located somewhere in the switch informs us about the state of charge of the cell:
- 3 flashes: 4.2-3.7V
- 2 flashes – 3.7-3.3V
- 1 flash – below 3.3V
I recommend to check in the lowest mode, ie moon.

I have not found out whether the flashlight has protection against reverse polarity – I did not test because the flashlight does not belong to me.

DH10LC2 – probably does not even have a temperature sensor, just as the PX30LC2-R heats up very quickly. My laser thermometer showed more than 75 ° C after 12 minutes of testing and then stopped the test. Using TURBO mode – only when cycling, fast-paced, etc.

The manual will reduce the brightness by 15% after 200 seconds, which is slightly over 3 minutes, also here EAGTAC does not disappoint. The test was done with the help of a fan – for almost all the test the torch was about 50 ° C, which is still a high value.
TURBO in this baby I treat only as an add-on, not something that we can safely use

See what this little SPORTAC is, especially the head … something amazing wink

And here with JETBeam E20R and JET-1 MK

It looks great on the background of a bigger brother, also with a warm XP-L Hi

SPORTAC from four sides …

The Fenix HL60R on the SPORTAC background looks like hmm wink

EAGTAC family included

Field shooting, camera settings ISO-200, f / 2, 2s, white balance – Fluorescent H
At first I thought that EAGTAC had TIR optics, so it was until delivery was received, but it turned out that the manufacturer used the tiny size of the SMO spotlight. I have the impression that the XP-L Hi + SMO has spoiled the concept of a typical flooder in a sense, I do not know if this model was to be, but clear focus, especially from near distance + the moon is bad loser with beautiful light distribution such as Skilhunt H03 .
Another thing to consider is the LED – a great quality XP-L Hi LED with warm color and quite high CRI – it’s something beautiful, something we will not meet in the original Skilhunt H03, and here EAGTAC definitely wins!



EAGTAC PX30 Nichia

Fenix HL60R

Sofirn SP31

Fenix TK25 R & B


Fenix HL60R

EAGTAC PX30 Nichia

Full size photos:

Some words of summary:
Let me start by saying what I’m missing. – temperature sensor. It is dangerous to have a torch that reaches temperatures above 75 ° C in just a few minutes.
In terms of performance quality, I do not have anything to criticize, but attention should be focused on the band, and think in a short time about the exchange for something more secure.

The quality of light charms, you can shine, shine, and shine, it is brilliant, back to flashlights with cooler diodes … it will not be the same.
So is it worth buying the DH10LC2? If you appreciate the minimalist solution, the highest quality, but you are able to reconcile with the disadvantages of this baby, and looking for a good headlight, EAGTAC is just a reasonable solution. wink
Unless you are looking for something as well done, but with TIR optics, warm LEDs think of Armytek – larger flashlights, not so delicate and minimalist, but like EAGTAC – they charm wink

I ask you to ask questions!

Successful shopping!

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1. Nice review. Good that you talk also about flaws.
2. On the box says that Led is “custom” . What does it mean?
3. I wonder why Eagletac is not available in Chinese shops… And why are they so expensive. I owned a couple of Eagletac flashlights (now only one),quality is on par with Olight… Very good but not world record.. Not twice the better as price suggests.
4.This should be compared to the very popular and respected Skilhunt H02 or H03 which is also quality product, well engineered, available in NW and costs below 30$.

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Thank you for your answer,
1. I always try to make my reviews true
2. I have other EAGTAC models and there is also an inscription
3. They are expensive because they are not in big stores;) – and lack of price competition.
EAGTAC is not twice as expensive, have great drivers, very good performance – maybe they do not care about huge sales
4. H03 is a great flashlight, but EAGTAC has much better LEDs;)

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this is almost a mule, definitely needs a domeless emitter or the tint shift would be horrible from Cree LEDs

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I forgot about those pics! Shocked


Fenix ​​HL60R

Fenix ​​TK25 R & B