Fitorch MR35 review (1180 lm, XP-L2 + RGB+UV,18650)

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Fitorch MR35 review (1180 lm, XP-L2 + RGB+UV,18650)


This review is dedicated to an interesting flashlight from Fitorch, the MR35.

What's interesting about it?

1. It has the new XP-L2 led, as well as RGB+UV leds, all integrated in one reflector.
2. It has a battery recharging function.
3. It has a very secure way of mounting a diffuser.
4. It has a decent throw.

Let's start?

The light comes in a small carton box. Mine was opened (not too gently) for inspection by customs ...

The light comes with quite a lot of accessories. There is a holster (with a very special velcro - never saw like it before - the "hooks" part is almost completely smooth, but nevertheless it works), usb cable, spare button coating and o-rings, quality hand strap. The battery comes pre-installed in the flashlight.

Here is the picture of the user manual.
Well, there are some special features here.

1. The light is being turned on/off by the tailcap button, and the modes are changed using the side button.
2. There is a user switchable location beacon (green led located in the side button) and a precise battery voltage indicator, that also uses the side switch integrated LED.
3. The order of the brightness modes is hiht->med->low-->med->high->...

Well, the light has a bit brutal apperance. The head is a bit oversized, but in overall you get used to the light very fast. The cooling fins in the head prevent it form rolling. The tailcap button has a nice feel, and has a pretty loud sound. The side button has integrated green and red led. The button itself has only two positions - clicked or not clicked, unlike some other buttons that have also the half-click position (like in Nitecore cobra for an instance).

Well, this is the wonder. As you can see the white LED is located at the center, and all the different leds are at the sides. How their location will affect the light? We"ll see

The AR coating is excellent. The lens is almost invisible.

The light can be disassembled into 3 main parts - the head, the battery tube and the tailcap. All the contacts with the battery are done using springs. The threads come very nicely lubed.

Regarding controls:

A click on the tailcap button turns the light on and off. There is mode memory, but not for the different color modes. If you turn the light off from color mode, it will be turned on the next time in the last white LED mode it was.
Turning the light on with the side button pressed will enable the battery voltage display. The side button integrated green led will blink to indicate the voltage in volts (3 blinks = 3 volt) and red in decimals (5 blinks = 0.5 v).
Clicking the side button 4 times (when the light is on) will enable location beacon - the green light behind the side button to slowly blink in order to make the task of finding the light at the dark easier.
Clicking the side button changes the modes in the following order low->med->high->med->low.
Holding the side button will enable the red light mode. Holding the button will enable green mode, followed by the blue and UV. Short click will bring the light back to the white LED mode.
Double click on the side button will enable strobe mode, another double click will enable SOS and additional double click will enable the police strobe (red-blue) mode.

Well, as I promised in the introduction, there is some interesting thing going on with the diffuser. The flashlight stainless steel bezel can be easily removed by hand, and the diffused (sold separately) is replacing the bezel. The diffuser becomes one with the light, very nice. Please notice that when the bezel removed, the lens is still held securely on it's place, there is no chance of water/dust entering the reflector.

Impressive, don't you think?

All the different colors.

I was really impressed by the white light performance. The throw is excellent, the tint is good as well. Looks like the manufacturer understated the throw figures...

You didn't think that the off-centered led's won't have any affect on the beam profile, didn't you?

UV in action

Very impressive.

Conclusion, final words.

I really liked the light. The light does a lot, and does it really well. And.. there is not much lights with such unique blend of features.

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I’ve yet to find anywhere that sells the diffuser!

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I’ve contacted the manufacturer, Banggood store should have the diffuser shortly on sale.