Part 3-Sofirn SF14 Flashlight Review.

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Part 3-Sofirn SF14 Flashlight Review.

I do not use pocket clips. I put them on the flashlight but 99% I do not use it. The light ends up in a backpack or bag. To be fare I can not say yeh or nay about the clip. The lanyard and steel claw style clip I can give a thumbs up. If I could not afford a more exspensive comparable Thrunite, Olight, Nitecore, Fenix flashlight and wanted a good reliable flashlight I recommend the Sofirn SF14. The before mentioned brands all have more features but cost more money. The SF14 has no decernable PWM. That in and of it self is a big quality feature. Mode memory is also a sign of quality. Machining is also good. Of course the flashlight is super bright when using a 14500 battery. I can not find anything wrong or bad with the flashlight. The only improvement I can offer is a moonlight mode. That would be extra icing on the cake. After all this is a super high quality single AA flashlight that is so much better than the ones that can be found in big box stores. If you want moonlight mode please consider a Sofirn SP10a or SP10b. I think the SF14 is much better than the Fenix LD12 flashlights I owned. The LD12’s were not very bright and had green beam disease. The Nitecore MT1a I owned had a purplish hue beam tint. The Xtar 007 that I was given for review is the best zoomie flashlight on the market but has a very blue beam hue. So……………for much less money you get a very high quality single AA flashlight with good beam quality with the Sofirn SF14. If anyone out in internet land wants more beam shots of the SF14 just please ask.
Tracy Wan from Sofirn just provided me with a discount code for 10% off the price of the SF14 flashlight it is: JPZ4B4KA.
The link is:… (link is external)(link is external)
Take a chance on the SF14 because it is a great small flashlight at a terrific price.