[Review] Nitecore LR10 (USB rechargable, 250 lumens)

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[Review] Nitecore LR10 (USB rechargable, 250 lumens)

Hello everyone, today I'll be reviewing the Nitecore LR10, kindly sent me from Nitecore whom I thank for the confidence afforded me.

CLICK HERE to go to the official page on the site Nitecore.

I want to clarify that the reviews are done at the amateur level and without the aid of scientific instruments or test in secret Labs cutting edge therefore, between the lines that follow, there will also be my humble impressions.

Official features taken from Nitecore:

- rechargeable pocket camping light
- utilizes 9 high CRI LEDs (CRI≥90, temperature color of 4500k) to emit maximum 250 lumens
- built-in 1200 mAh Li-Ion battery
- integrated intelligent charging circuit dor microUSB charging
- a single switch controls 3 brightness levels and 3 special modes
- takes advantages of highly traslucent PC diffuser, allowing all light source to be well distributed
- built-in power indicator reports remaning battery power (Patent No. ZL201220057767.4)
- builti-in power indicator doubles as a location signal
- high efficiency constant current circuit
- magnetic base for multiple scenarios
- made from durable PC mateials
- waterproof in accordance with IP66
- impact resistant to 1,5 meters

Where to buy it

The LR10 may be purchased from the store NItecore.

The packaging and accessories

LR10 is packed in a cardboard box.
On the front we find a picture of a forest at nighttime with a curtain lit, to underline the addressing of this product for outdoor activities, and a clear window that reveals the lantern in its entirety.
The front of the pack ends with the name of the product on display, its maximum lumen and the inscription indicating the possibility to recharge it via the USB.

On the back instead are showed the characteristics of the product and the colors in which it is sold the lantern.

Once removed everything from the packaging, we would have:

- the LR10
- a 1 meter long USB-> micro USB cable for charging
- warranty card
- the manual in different languages

Here, the pages on English manual, which you can download or view by downloading it from Nitecore.

The Lantern

The LR10 is the latest lantern released on the market by Nitecore. Its body is entirely of plastic, except for the hook located on the tail, that is of metal.
The satin diffuser, that allow to radiate the light of 9 LED CRI (CRI ≥ 90 with a tint of 4500 k) to 360°, is two-thirds of the body of the lantern. The LEDs are slightly visible through the diffuser and are arranged like this: 2 in front, 2 in the back, 1 on each side and 3 at the top of the "dome".
On the left side of the lantern there are two small LEDs (one red and one green) that will indicate the charging status.
In the lower part of the body of the lantern there is the only button (electronic) that controls the entire UI. The button has a short stroke and a moderately loud click.
In our case, the body is yellow but you can buy the lantern also in olive green or black. There is also a special limited edition black theme-based panda (PANDA LR10 manual) where on the diffuser is applied the sympathetic, and unmistakable, animal's face.

At the opposite end of the key are engraved the names Nitecore and LR10.

From the top you can see that the shape of the lantern is oval.

On the base plate, allowing the lantern to stand on flat surfaces, is a silicone cap that protects from water (IP66 standard) the 1200 mAh Li-ion internal battery, apparently not replaceable.
The chemistry of the cell and its capacity are shown on the bottom along with the website of Nitecore and CE and RoHs
Even though it is not visible, I inform you that this lantern has a magnet that allows it to be attached to metal surfaces in any position. The magnet is strong enough to support the entire weight of the Lantern.
Note the metal hook that is perfectly wedged beside the body.

Remove the silicone stopper is fairly easy to perform. The microUSB port that lies under it, is well embedded into the body and protected from water and dust.

As an alternative to the magnet, there is the metal hook that allowing the lantern to be attached to branches, logs and ropes.

Here are a couple of examples of the lantern snaps on the car door

or attached to a branch.

The charging system

When we want to recharge the battery, simply remove the protective cover and insert the microUSB cable. To charge the lantern, you could use any device capable of yielding power.
The charging speed starts from just under 0,70A and need, from fully discharged battery, just over 2 and a half hours to complete the whole process. I've noticed a trend of the current during charging.
In charging the LED light is red

While the light will be green when charging is completed.

How it works

The LR10 has 6 selectable modes in total, including 3 regular and 3 special (Caution Light, SOS and Beacon).

According to official Nitecore's data, normal modes have the following characteristics:
- High-> 250 lumens
- Mid-> 65 lumen
- Low-> 8 lumen

The lantern has no memory and all operations are possible only by interacting with the only electronic button placed at the center of the body.

The LR10 switching on and off are possible by holding down the button for about one second.
From lantern turned on, a single click makes cycling modes in ascending order and on the loop. After High, will shooting from Low.

Only with lantern turned off you can access, making 2 clicks in rapid succession, special modes. These are the Caution Light (a kind of Beacons but slower), the SOS and the Beacon. As for normal modes, one click makes cycling modes and a long click will switch off the LEDs.

Charging indicator
With flashlight turned off, you can approximatly know the charging status of the battery. Simply press the button once and the red LED will begin to flash.
3 flashes indicate a charge > 50%, 2 flashes indicate a charge of between 10 and 50%, while 10% charge will blink 1 < and will be better to charge the lantern.

The LR10 integrated locator which allows an easly localization in the dark. With lantern turned on, simply hold the button for 3 seconds. After switching off the main LED, begins to flash the red LED (1 flash every 3 seconds). The turning on of the lantern will disable the locator.
According to Nitecore's data, this locator is able to stay on (with the charged battery) for 6 months.

Dimensions and weight

The LR10 measuring 6.55 x 5 x 2.50 cm.
Weighs 58 grams.

Afterwards, the photos for a dimensional comparison with a big BIC lighter and with a 18650

and with the Nitecore LR30.

Lumens, runtime, candles and beamshot

N.B. The tests to follow were made with 1200mAh Li-ion battery integrated in the device. The whole thing was done in a homely environment at 21° with or without forced ventilation.

The following values were taken with the built in battery charging and are considered peak.

The following values were taken with the integrated battery charge and are considered peak.

The following values were taken with the integrated battery charge and are considered peak.

Beam width, with both long and short side

Beamshot on all three modes in the garage

and on High and Mid modes with the LR10 attached to the hood of the car.

Personal considerations

The LR10 is the latest Nitecore's lantern.
It differs from previous models by the integrated battery that, whilst facilitates users unfamiliar to all batteries on the market, on the other hand can create problems, in the long run, when you must replace it because it will doesn't have the performance than before.

I liked this lantern very much. Compact, light and with a very, very pleasant tint.
It obviously give the best of itself on indoors, where light reflects better on the surrounding walls.

convenient and useful even the presence of the magnet and hook in the tail, that expand the possibilities of using this model.

I haven't encountered flaws on this LR10, so for me it's promoted.

What do you think about it? Would you buy it?

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Thank you for your review! It’s well done. What did you base your lumen measurements off of? (maybe I just missed it).

Having an LR30 already I’m not sure I’d buy the LR10 due to the permanent battery, but it does look interesting, especially the 4500K color temperature and the centered hook, a feature that’s sadly lacking in the 30. And it’s little, smaller than I expected, which could be a positive.

I wonder if it uses a cylindrical or lithium polymer cell?

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Nice review, it is an interesting light.