Review Wuben TO46R 3 * XP-G3 90CRI

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Review Wuben TO46R 3 * XP-G3 90CRI


The flashlight for tests has been made available by the producer – – Thank you.

The flashlight is available at the Banggood shop – (my reflink) with the code: YT046R the price falls by 38%.

In the past, I tested two other models of this manufacturer:
I333 –
T103 –

Wuben TO46R, unlike previously tested models, already has “ordinary” packaging, a good solution, especially if we mean cutting costs

The package contains:
- flashlight
- spare oring
- leash on the wrist
- very good quality USB cable
- 2600mAh Wuben cell with security (pay attention if it is definitely in the set)
- paperology

T103 and I333 belonged to a series that referred to, for example, Iron Man or other motifs, TO46R is more subdued, it is a simple flashlight, with side controls and interesting diodes, something we do not often find in the world of flashlights

From the top metal lace, below the glass with AR coatings, which task is to protect the Carclo optics. Under the optics there are 3 * XP-G3 90CRI, of course well centered

XP-G3 is available in different versions with CRI 90+
Unfortunately, Wuben chose those colder colors – about 6000K (or more), which is a pity, I was hoping for neutral diodes and 90CRI. In my opinion, the color falls very gently towards violet, if we shine on trees, etc. 90CRI “does the work”, but by pointing the flashlight at a white wall, I have the impression that Wuben does not shine as I would like it, maybe it fast with coatings? – hard to say.
In order to explain – in no way is the purple glow of cheap flashlights, even the cold color and 90 CRI shines beautifully, but as I say, something is missing.

The substrate of LEDs with the Wuben logo

On the head there is a USB port for charging cells. Compared to the tested T103 and I333, the quality of this rubber has increased significantly, it presses with great resistance and the test consisting in lighting for about 2 hours in a bowl with water did not make any impression on the torch. Without a link in the flashlight, we can power the flashlight directly from PowerBank, but here there is no sensation 0.01-0.09A is a download from USB, brightness only to illuminate the map, for example.

The charging current is equal to 1A, while the diode in the lower button is lit during charging, it lights up in red

Below the model and serial number

The ribbing of the head – lacking delicacy, endings are sharp and palpable under the finger, I miss to some extent to refine the flashlights known even from the Fenix brand, and even the new manufacturer FiTorch, etc.

The buttons for control are two. Lower to turn on the flashlight, upper to change modes.
The buttons work with different resistance, both are quiet, the lower one is more hidden, the upper one – more protruding. The bottom one works much lighter than the upper button for changing modes. They work with great accuracy, there is no way of “pierced” modes, in this respect it does not deviate from the quality of, for example, Nitecore EC4, which I own, and I would even say that it is better.

The middle tube looks great, the pattern turns out perfectly in the hand, it is almost imperceptible, which unfortunately can not be said about the clip. While this clip in I333 bothers you, here is not touching it with your finger unscrewing the cap – and it is a plus, we do not hurt the hand

Cap with the same pattern as the middle tube, without any subtitles, and without a problem put a flashlight on the cap – I do not know why, but this extremely simple functionality is more and more often missing in branded products

Inside a decent, massive gilded spring, there are no problems with cells without protection, or with flat plus links, they work all

Like most flashlights, the thread is great, massive, square, very well greased – it is appreciated wink

And the most important thing, or the driver.
Turn on the flashlight with the bottom button, change modes with the one that is higher. The flashlight turns on with the memory of the last mode and the modes change from the lowest to the highest

Hidden modes.
When the flashlight is on:
- hold down the bottom button, the turbo switches on, clicks the upper button and returns to the last saved mode. And if we change the mode, turn off the flashlight, it will turn on normally. If we turn it off and on again, it will flash again for a fraction of a second of TURBO and the last memorized mode will be activated – such a driver fault
- we hold the upper button – the strobe activates – if we turn it off immediately, we will encounter a similar error as above
- hold the top button for 3 seconds – we will enable SOS.

When the flashlight is off:
- holding the top button for more than 1 second – the strobe switches on, when you release it, the flashlight turns off
- holding the lower button for more than 1 second – TURBO will turn on, when we release it, the flashlight will turn off
After switching on the flashlight, an error will occur again – in the form of a quick flash of the TURBO mode and switching on the last saved mode. I do not know where the problem arises, in normal use it is unnoticeable, unless we use hidden modes.

Protection against accidental switching on:
- press two buttons at the same time, after a while the flashlight will flash once and turn off
- turn the protection off by pressing the two buttons again, the flashlight will also flash and turn off

Informing about the battery charge status:
- 4.2-3.5V after switching on and each mode change for a few seconds the blue LED of the switch will light up
- 3.5-3.3V diode, the red diode will be on all the time
- below 3.3V the red diode will start flashing, it is a sign that soon we need to replace the battery with a charged one.
Cell protection:
- at about 2.8V the flashlight will turn off, we can turn it on in moon mode and low. It will stay shining for a while, although it happened that in low mode when the cell was low, the flashlight turned off. All that’s left is:
- replacement of cells with charged ones
- switching the flashlight into moon mode

To sum up the control: comparing to the Nitecore EC4, I prefer EC4 control, better hidden modes, we can turn on TURBO or Moon when the flashlight is off, and there are no hidden hidden modes. In Wuben, the cell battery charge notification system is much better, for everyday use, without the use of hidden modes, there are no major differences in control, except that Wuben also tells the USB port.

The temperature sensor in Wuben TO46R is set so that the temperature on the housing does not exceed 50 ° C – and the flashlight does it very well. If it warms up to approx. 50 ° C, we can switch it to TURBO, but it will reduce the brightness almost immediately, if it is cool it will be lit for some time in the TURBO mode.

Cooling: none

Cooling: fan

Cooling: in a bowl with water

More and more manufacturers put a lot of emphasis on the appearance, subtitles and buttons in one line – I like this direction wink

Size comparison to the Fenix TK25 R & B

Here, we have joined EAGTAC PX30LC2-R

Wuben TO46R without a cell is about 88 grams.

Field shots, camera settings ISO-200, f / 2, 1s, white balance – Fluorescent H

Wuben TO46R

Fenix TK25 R & B (comparing Fenix to Wuben, Fenix shines considerably worse and definitely cold Wuben diode and cold Fenix diode – these are not the same cold colors)


Fenix HL60R

Field shots, camera settings ISO-200, f / 2, 2s, white balance – Fluorescent H

Wuben TO46R

Fenix TK25 R & B


Fenix HL60R

Full size photos:

A few words of summary.
With the discount code, the price drops to around 31USD. At this price, it seems to me that we will not find a better-made flashlight, with a well-protected USB port and a high CRI, i.e. min 90CRI.

In terms of performance, I have no major reservations. In my opinion, this is a significant change for the better as compared to T103 and I333, it does not talk about tastes, but T046R has a relatively classic look and I like it.

The biggest drawbacks are the errors in the controller (although for most people it will not be the slightest problem) and lightly falling in the color of the purple diodes – ie their color. Perhaps this effect causes fast coatings, this is especially and in principle visible only and only when we shine on the white wall.

I used this flashlight for over 2 weeks and return to, for example, Acebeam EC35, which has a cold XP-L diode, its light color suddenly began to fall into a slightly yellow color. Perhaps this is how the cold color should shine, and I was wrong in using diodes with a low CRI? This is a joke, of course.
Despite everything, you can see the difference of LEDs with CRI90, and other flashlights with cold light, which I have, of course, a plus in the side of the high CRI. Better contrast, better color rendering is a completely different light, but it is glad that manufacturers are increasingly willing to reach for such diodes, for such solutions, and that they are slowly moving away from “ordinary” LEDs.

In the price of 31USD we get a set: flashlight, USB cable, 18650 2600mAh protect, good performance, high CRI and side cliques (I know there are people for whom side clicks are especially important), what more could you want?
For my part I recommend, I used it well for the last time, and now I will find my application in the garage, where I like to have good quality light wink

Do you have any questions? I invite you ! wink

Successful shopping.

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Nice review with nice pictures, thank you !
Unfortunately, and once again, High CRI on XP-G3 means nothing since it has such a perceptible tint shift in the beam…

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Ipx8 with that rubber flap over the charging port?

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X3 wrote:
Nice review with nice pictures, thank you ! Unfortunately, and once again, High CRI on XP-G3 means nothing since it has such a perceptible tint shift in the beam…

And Wuben is known to have low CRI emitters in a high CRI T046R. Difficult to test this without instruments especially with the XP-G3.