Review of Sofirn SF36W 3000k with Beam Shots

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Review of Sofirn SF36W 3000k with Beam Shots

OK, once again all of us got our Sofirn SF36W demo lights at the same time so I am going to try to add something that I have not seen covered, Beam Shots against some other flashlights.

When I think of warm tints, I come back to what all us old geezers grew up on and that is incandescent Maglites.
For this comparison I have used my late Father in Law’s Silver 4D incan, so he is here in spirit.
Also compared to a current light the Thorfire VG10

There is not much vegetation left this time of year in the farm field so I settled on some pumpkins.
A visiting cat decided he wanted in on the action so you will see him as well.

As another member said these warm tints help you see clearer, better and I would add they let you see more High Def than cold tints. You can see details in plants that normally are just washed out. Much the same way when you look at a photograph and then apply a filter and see detail that you did not know was there before.
I love warm tints for this type of application.
They are not for long range, that is another animal all together.

I think it’s great this model actually has it’s own model designation of SF36W rather than just an option.

What would I like to see as improvement?
A low moonlight rather than just low.
Other than that I love it, great build quality, Grippy knurling, good anodizing, mode memory and strobe hidden.

Thanks to Sofirn for discount on the purchase for review.
Link (non Aff)

Anyway, I will try to upload these shots now.
Here goes;

Maglite 4D

Sofirn SF36W Low Mode

Sofirn SF36W Medium Mode

Sofirn SF36W High Mode

Thorfire VG10 Medium

Thorfire VG10 High

Thorfire VG10 wide shot across field

Sofirn SF36W wide shot across field

Sofirn SF36W Sky Shot

Thorfire VG10 Sky Shot

Maglite Sky Shot

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Thanks for the review.  Been wanting to see it with the VG10 because this light reminds me of the VG10.  That field seems like a good beam shot range.  It's hard to find good clearings in my neck of the woods as vegetation is so aggressive.  If you always take beam shots in it with the lights pointing to the same spots and camera, you will comparable photos.