Recommend some 18650's and charger for a newbie

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For the record, I used to have this light and protected cells worked fine. The springs are very long, so when you put the cell in it sticks out of the body tube a lot, but the springs compress a lot too. I wouldn’t use it with unprotected cells. No LVP.

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The need for button top cells is generally rooted in some sort of piss poor device design. For example, a flashlight lacking reverse polarity protection.

The button top thing is not part of a cell's prime condition, they're flat tops by design.

As others have said, the NCR18650GA is great, but its effective minimum capacity is not “3500mAh”. It is more like ≈3250mAh. Check its review at

You pay a premium for the unrealistically rated 3500mAh cells (even the best in class Samsung 35E can only do a minimum of 3300mAh down to 2.8V at ≈0.2C), while they barely deliver any extra performance over more regular and cost effective cells like the NCR18650B or LG F1L. And there are even cheaper cells with better performance/price ratios. This isn't meant to discourage anyone, of course. Go pay your premium if so you choose. 


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