What was your best flashlight(s) of 2017

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still it’s a special doo-dad

i don;t know what that is or where to get one…

( i assume it is the same thing as the special cable but minus the wire part)


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15-16 cents a piece, shipped. Smile
It’s not exactly like the custom cable.
First, it’s doesn’t have male USB-A, so you can’t use it to charge the EDC-C4 from a regular adapter.
Second, the one on the picture is not fully compatible.
Items with non-compliant type A plugs like that:

won’t work.
There are larger but fully compatible converters as well.

I have those as well, they are also tiny and not as easy to lose. Wink
Third, as you noted, it lacks the cable.

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You guys are getting punked. This is the 2017 thread lol

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